• Podcast Series -

A Personal Journal from Space

Process     Write-Edit  →  Record-Edit  → Compile a Series

Product     An audio series to be published in Portfolios and shared with others in a formal presentation

With a partner you will be using your skills from Language Arts, skills from ICT, and your knowledge from science to construct a podcast series.

After returning from a visit to one of the planets within our solar system, a space explorer reflects on the qualities they observed from their trip. 


  • How gravity plays a role in the planet’s orbit, composition, etc.
  • Characteristics of the planet (moons, surface, internal structure, atmosphere, weather patterns, ice, etc.)
  • Use of a scale to understand the size of the planet (ratios and proportional relationships)
  • Why it would or would not be a suitable place for a human colony
  • Specific evidence from scientific texts to support

Technical Requirements

  • At least 3 minutes in length
  • Include intro, outro
  • Use Audacity as editing tool for audio recordings, complete file as MP3 or Wav
  • Credits at the end, including sources used for the content
  • Responsible use of copyrighted materials, absolutely no plagiarism