Third grade supply list 2016-2017

Fall / Spring


1-Assignment journal for Homework, projects, behavior.

Student planner example

1- 2 inch binder (any style is acceptable as long as it is a minimum of 2”)

1- Pencil bag for binder (no pencil boxes)

1- Package of 6 dividers with pockets

1-100 count notebook paper, wide-ruled

1– Composition book for science (black marbled cover* one      without picture space at top)

2 – 100 ct spiral notebook, wide rule (1 reading/writing, 1 social studies)

1 – 24 ct Crayola crayons

1 – 5” scissors

24 - #2 wooden pencils

1 – plastic ruler – 12” standard & metric

2 – Pink bevel erasers

1 – 7” 12 ct presharpened colored pencils

2 – Elmer’s glue stick (no bottled glue)

1 - handheld pencil sharpener

1 - Clorox Wipes

Two count Kleenex tissues

One box of gallon size Ziploc bags

$10.00 Supply Fee for Curriculum materials needed throughout the year

Please do not send any of the following items until the spring semester at the end of January. There may also be other items added to this list at that time.


24 - #2 wooden pencils

1- bag of party favors for literature festival

1- a bag of candy for literature festival

Take a moment to check your child’s binder for their everyday supplies. Many students are missing erasers, scissors, crayons, colored pencils, hand held sharpener, ruler, etc.