Langham Oaks School - Stakeholder Feedback





Hi Fay

So impressed with your boys last night, so glad they saw a win, it was a pleasure having them ‘Fly the Flag’ what a credit to the school, lively, energetic and great fun!  They also impressed with the way they chatted with the little mascots, we will definitely have them again.

Amanda Nunn

Junior Blues Manager ITFC


When DS, NO, DS and AF-S from Langham Oaks School came to Suffolk One their behaviour was exemplary. They were enthusiastic and engaged fully in the task of selecting their preferred design for the SABA logo and collaborated superbly well throughout the session.

Michelle Hughes

Assistant Principal

Suffolk One


Hi Alex


I felt I must write to you following my session with the Year 9s this morning.

The young men concerned really did themselves proud.  They were all well behaved and fully engaged in the programme and gave appropriate and relevant responses to the questions asked of them.  They were all successful in achieving the learning aims and objectives.

In addition to this (and this is my main reason for the email) I have to commend all of them on their behaviour.  What impressed me most was the young men’s attitudes during this debate, all of them respected me when I asked them to give each other a chance to speak, there was no really bad language and although they were not able to persuade each other to change their opinions, they agreed to disagree.

Lisa Mitson

Schools and Fire Education Officer


Hi Alex

Just wanted to say a big thank you for yesterdays football match. Was probably the best match I have witnessed from both teams in a very long time. Both teams worked extremely hard, battled and were superbly humble in both defeat and victory. If you could pass on my appreciation to your boys please who put in a great performance and did your school proud both on and off of the pitch yesterday. Also a thank you to both of your staff members.

Jason Syrrett

St Christophers School


Dear Emma

I wanted to write to thank you for your extraordinarily warm and generous hospitality yesterday.

I was very struck by the enormous range of abilities and behaviours for which you had to cater and also by the enthusiasm and creativity of the staff who seemed to tirelessly rise to this challenge.  I was also hugely impressed by the maturity of the students like KN and NO who showed themselves ready to exercise good leadership within the student body.

There was a tremendous warmth in the school.  What I observed during my visit was a staff who deeply cared for the students, an environment that is thoughtfully and carefully maintained and an obvious widespread commitment to seeing each student flourish in school and beyond.  For many students, Langham Oaks seems to be the nearest they have ever come to having a stable home.

The Right Reverend Roger Morris

Bishop of Colchester


Hi Emma and Nicky,

Thank you for having us in your wonderful school last week. It was a joy to be with you all and we felt very welcomed and cared for.

Tim Abbott - Sanctum CYO


Good Morning

I want to thank you for all your hard work with JD at the moment, I know he is enjoying school so much more than ever before and I know that is down to all the hard work of every member of staff.

For me this year he has gained so much confidence, when we were away he came swimming and made the best effort to swim and was so chuffed with himself, and last week he actually had the confidence to go to the hair dressers and he enjoyed the experience.

I know he has only achieved these things because the school has been such a support so thank you from all the family.

Many thanks.


Parent of yr11


Dear Martin

I had the pleasure of working with some of your students on the Firebreak course at Clacton Fire Station dated 7th - 11th March 2016.  I would like to give you some feedback on the students who attended the course.  They are AF-S and KN.

Your students behaved very well and demonstrated great maturity throughout the course, they displayed great enthusiasm and teamwork and all the instructors were greatly impressed by their conduct all week.

Your students have been excellent ambassadors for their schools and you should be proud of them for their achievements during the week.

Essex County Fire & Rescue Service


Dear Ms Paramor,

It was good to meet you on my recent visit to the school to discuss the excellent cycling development plans you are progressing.  Thank you to Ivan for inviting me and may I pay particular praise to SC and BG who were excellent ambassadors for the school.  They showed me round their school home, which they were clearly proud to be part of.

Thank you once again.

Richard Monk

Cycling Development Officer

Cycling UK


Hi Alistair

Just wanted to say thank you so much for all you and your team are doing with our children and the garden.  The adults and the children are really enjoying it.  The children have been really chatty about it all and loved showing off all the vegetables from your school this week.

Thanks again.


Nicola Whybrow

Braiswick Primary School


Hi Fay

Thanks so much for inviting myself and Mark to the Achievement Awards today.

I was especially inspired by the young man who gave a talk about what he has been doing since he left Langham Oaks.  It reaffirms my belief that life is a journey and definitely what you make it.  I also thought it was a real testament to the school that your former pupils like to come back for the event.  The young man who sang was also terrific and what a way to open the awards!

Alison Thomas

HR Manager



Dear AA, DB, BD, AJ, LOG, LS, ZT, JD, KA, SG

I was absolutely delighted to get a letter signed by each and every one of you.

This is something we shall treasure and we are very grateful to Mr Drennan for taking the trouble to tell you Miriam’s Story.

Please remember the messages of hope you have heard; that difficulties can be turned round if you put your mind to it and that there is always someone whose life you can make better by caring and being kind.

Mavis Hyman

Chair of Trustees

Miriam Hyman Memorial Trust


Dear Trudi

I wanted to follow up from the event at County Hall last week.

Firstly, thank you again so much for all your involvement in the work and the evident levels of partnership work that took place between the children and young people in your settings and the members of our team.

My line manager Elaine White was talking about how positively all the children and YP presented themselves throughout the afternoon.  We were struck by the ways in which all the CYP presented themselves and how open they were to speaking to large range of people – so all credit to them and to yourselves also!


Clare Woodcock

Manager, Essex SEND Information, Advice and Support Service


Dear Emma

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you, your team and your wonderful students for making me feel so welcome and included when I spent the day with you.  Langham Oaks is a fantastic school, and I very much enjoyed the opportunity to see it in action, while learning more than I imagined I could.

Catherine Dakin

Medical Student, St George's Hospital


Dear Sir/Madam

We would like to say a big THANK YOU for your very generous donation for a raffle prize, for our annual Autumn Pumpkin Party.

Louise Seago

Fundraising Committee Member

Langham Pre-School


Mrs P - mum of FP, a Year 6 pupil who joined Langham Oaks in September:

I have been so pleased with the social and emotional progress F has made since starting at your school. He is now a much more cheerful boy at home and seems so much happier in himself; less argumentative and verbally aggressive towards me . He talks about school all the time and is so proud of his achivements in table tennis and Outdoors Learning. I am sure a combination of a full-time placement, a small class size and staff and teachers who are both committed and understand the particular learning needs of boys like F have contributed to this huge turnaround in his attitude to learning and behaviour and self confidence in general.

Thank you very much.

Parent via conversation with form tutor


Hi Alex


Thank you for your comments. I was impressed with your boys yesterday, thought yet again they not only played superbly but also represented the school in excellent fashion. Your KS4 pupils were polite and well mannered and your KS3 pupils were a great little team who I really felt for when they lost a brilliant final so narrowly.

PE dept.

St Christopher School



To everyone at Langham Oaks

Thank you for being such a wonderful school and thank you to the office for my taxis we have had after an extended day.

Everything is much appreciated.

Best wishes for a great 2017.

Nicolette and Jeremy (BD’s carers)