VegfestUK Bristol 2016

Answers to FAQ’s from volunteers

        Saturday May 21st: 11am - 11pm

        Sunday May 22nd: 11am - 9pm

        Optional - admission by advance tickets or by payment on the gate (£8 for adults,  £4 for students / claimants).


        Friday: 2pm - 8pm

        Saturday: 7am - 10:30am

        Sunday: 9am - 10:30am


        6pm - 10pm on Saturday and Sunday for stallholders in Main Marquee

        11pm on Saturday for other stallholders

        9pm - 10:30pm on Sunday for other stallholders

One sets of portaloos on the left of entrance on the way in, and another set near         the Main Stage.

        There is a water point next to the Volunteers Office.

        Unfortunately there isn't any.

        Car parking spaces in the nearby Millenium Square are available to the public. The         site has its own car park which is restricted to stallholders and performers. For other         car parks nearby, visit 


        There are a few bike sheds near the venue if you're travelling by bike.

        Apart from the workshops, all other sessions (talks, cookery demos, performances during daytime) start on the hour and last for 40 minutes, with 5 mins questions and 15 mins changeover

        There are posters up around the venue and outside each talks room, or look in the         programme or the website

        By the front entrance where you come in, priced at £1 to the public. It is also         available for download at 

        There are several bars in the Amphitheatre and Waterfront Square.

        The show goes on in the case of moderately heavy rain, but may be cancelled in         the case of extreme strong winds. And no refunds to either stallholders or visitors will be possible under these circumstances.

        Please go to the Site Office, or email 

        Please try your best to arrive at the venue in time, as the show is run by a small         team and punctuality from all staff is crucial to the smooth running of the event. But if you do arrive late, please inform Victoria as soon as possible before the show opens on 07590621062, so that we will have time to come up with a contingency plan in your temporary absence.

        Please get in touch with Victoria at or on 07590621062     as soon as possible.


        Yes. You will be given a high-visibility jacket to put on after signing in.

        Please wait for another 15 minutes to see if there are people attending the         talk/demo/workshop. If there are still no visitors after 15 minutes, abandon the talk and explain this to any members of the public waiting for the talk to start.

        Call TBC (BES Systems) on TBC.

        For technical support, see answer to last question. For other queries, contact guest         manager Alan on 077868 50945.

        Please explain to the crowd that as organisers we will not tolerate any heckling of         our guest speakers, and unless the heckling stops immediately, the talk/performance will be terminated and the guest speaker/performer will leave.

        Please explain to the guest speakers that they will have to do without any AV         equipment, and that the technical staff will do their best to get the power back on as         soon as possible, and please offer them our sincerest apologies.

        Please direct them to the first aid point near the entrance or near the Main Stage         immediately, and the first aid team will be contacted on their behalf.

        There is storage space in the Volunteers Office. Bear in mind though that the organisers cannot be responsible for any damage/loss of your personal belongings in any circumstances.