Minutes - January 2017
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Hammonton Green Committee Minutes - January 2017
Monthly Meeting - Hammonton Town Hall

Green Committee Members:

X Jeanette DePiero   __Mica McCullough __Amy Menzel    X Linda Esposito    X Kerri Patton    

X Sara Verrillo  X Courtney Volpe

Friends of the Green Committee & Guests: Nancy Fonte

  1. Upcoming Events:
  1. January Social Event  - Three Threes on 1/26 at 6:30 p.m.
  2. Third Thursday? Participation was low in December - will participate again when it gets warmer

  1. Projects Review:




Green Business Recognition Program

  • Awaiting dates from ARH
  • Awaiting response from Chamber

- Send Press Release to Gazette

- Honor Mazza’s Flooring

- Honor Pistone’s Auto Repair

Eye Opening Film and Lecture Series

January at Three Three’s

  • Press Release (SV)
  • Email (SV)
  • Facebook Event & Ad (SV)
  • Channel 9 Slides (CV)
  • Pick Next Film
  • Coordinate Date with/Venue (April)
  • Advertise/Promote

Third Thursday Participation

Wait until warmer

  • Girls Night Out - January 19
  • Italian Love Affair - February 16

Bag Handouts

Tie in with Green Club from HS?

  • Inferrera's
  • ShopRite

Neighborhood Cleanup (April)

  • Select Date(s)
  • Contact local clubs for participation
  • Recruit volunteers
  • Advertise/Promote to resident

Town Organization/Club Fair to recruit volunteers

Contact local clubs with idea:

  • Mother’s Club
  • Rotary Club
  • Lions Club
  • Kiwanis Club
  • Main Street Hammonton
  • Permaculture Club
  • Coordinate date/venue
  • Advertise/promote to residents

Paint Waste Bins for Public Works (Spring)

Scott likes idea - incorporate Arts Center

  • Recruit Volunteers
  • Coordinate Date with Scott in spring
  • Work out paint details, etc. - spray paint made for plastics

Student Representative Scholarship

  • Waiting on response from Student coordinators at HHS and St. Joe
  • Waiting on Frank’s response from auditor


  • Waiting on Frank’s response from auditor

Project/Environmental Videos for Channel 9/website

Courtney offered to work with a friend to film garden tips and garden talks to promote the garden

  • Determine 1-2 topics
  • Reach out to appropriate HHS  contact

Topic-Oriented Campaign to Residents

  • Determine Topic(s) such as Home Composting
  • Develop Campaign
  • Promote
  • Buy bins in bulk if needed

3.  Garden Update? January 18th is the next meeting.

4.  Open Floor -  It was suggested we make a visual presentation to school students about recycling and other green projects.