Altadena Filming Contact List

Film LA contacts:

Arturo Pina

Community Outreach Liaison

O: 213-977-8642

Josh Mingo

Director of Permit Operations

O: 213-977-8607

Jennifer Morelos

Operations Manager

Philip Sokoloski

 VP, Integrated Communications

O: 213-977-8630 

Donna Washington

VP, Operations

O: 213-977-8600 

Paul Audley


Altadena Sheriff & CHP contacts:

Sgt. Wayne Waterman

Station scheduling

O: 626-296-2104 (6a - 5p)

Sgt. Brian Mann

Community Relations

Officer Kristi Cardoza

CHP, Liaison to California film commission


Officer Mike Ulloa

Altadena contact for CHP

(M, Tu, Th, F: 8a-5p)
(Wed: 8a-6p)

No after hours contact info 

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Information Bureau:  film and media projects


Los Angeles County CEO Program Manager for FilmLA Contract

Gary Smith

LA County, Film Liaison

Economic Development Affordable Housing Division
Chief Executive Office

(213) 974-2504 

Los Angeles County Public Works

Gregory Graham

Department of Public Works, Supervisor, Contract Construction

Contact for parking restriction approvals

O: 626-458-4917

Anthony Moran

Permit Office

O: 626-338-9515

Altadena Government Contacts

Sussy Nemer

Senior Deputy

Office of Supervisor Kathyn Barger

(626) 356-5407

(626) 568-0159 FAX 

Altadena Town Council Members*

Contact information for the representative of each census tract is available at the Altadena Town Council Website: 

Contact at 

Revision date: 8/8/17