Links to Tools Available Online


Algebra Things to Remember: RegentsPrep Formula & Study Sheet - find graphs, number lines, etc - practice worksheets and answer keys to review computational skills

TI - 83 Hint & Help - short videos with step by step process to find zeros, intersection points, etc.

Download TI - 83 Graphing Calculator 

Wild About Math - Complete unit involving Graphing Calculator and Science Concepts

Using the Graphing Calculator Labs and Lessons by Henri Picciotto

Finding Your Way Around TI- 83 Select specific mathematical concept and step by step directions, including screen shots of steps.

Online Classrooms

   Great site with short Math and ELA videos with step by step directions

Help students master basic math skills with Xtramath

Help students meet success by including an FREE online classroom that includes remediation and differentiation tools for teachers with TenMarks

Online tools for step by step directions for mathematical concepts


   PurpleMath offers step by step explanation of various Algebra concepts

Common Core Standards

Need help finding online games, resources for common core standards refer to Internet4Classrooms or IXL.  


Need help with Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II?  The Regents Exam Prep Center offers teaching strategies, online practice regents exams, and lesson ideas for each concept/standard covered in each math course.  You can also find FREE printables for hands-on activities.




Accuplacer Practice Test  Free Practice test with immediate feedback

Practice for Accuplacer  Each section of the Accuplacer is broken down to focus on areas of weakness

Teacher made videos explaining

mathematical concepts

YouTube  or TeacherTube are two great sources for teacher made videos offer instructions on any mathematical concepts.  (Note: YouTube may be blocked at some locations)

Math Games and Interactive Activities mathematical concepts explained, interactive tools and games -  Free games

Graphing Coordinate Points Billy Bug 1  Billy Bug 2 ( 4 Coordinate Planes)

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives Numerous virtual manipulatives

Integer Football - - Games and Lesson ideas

FREE ONLINE TEACHER WEBSITES  Create your own website to support student learning and increase communication of current class events.

Glencoe Support Materials

Below are steps to follow to access FREE support materials from Glencoe and a sample of some options.

Click on title above then  Select Course and Textbook

        (Remember to check publication date and title)

Google Documents

Step by Step printable for students or teachers

Solving Inequalities        Synthetic Division                  Finding Zeros

Imaginary Numbers        Parallel and Perpendicular Lines and Equations

Combinations & Permutations          Trigonometric Ratios