What is Advisory?

During Meet the Teams night, we didn't get a chance to talk about the benefits and purpose of advisories.  Part of our job at the middle school is to transition the students from an elementary setting to what they will experience in High School.  As you are probably aware and have seen, middle school aged kids are going through a lot of changes and sometimes we need to address their social and emotional needs in order for them to be at their best academically.  This is where advisory comes in.


Students spend the first 25 minutes of each day with their designated advisor and advisory. The purpose of the advisory is for the teachers to develop a relationship that is beyond academics with a small group of students.  This time can provide an extra layer of comfort between these students and the advisor, where kids feel more comfortable talking about adolescent issues they might encounter in the school.  

Advisories achieve this in different ways.  Some will have games, some will do challenges, and some will just have discussions about what is going on in the school.  Each advisor will create a program that works with their personality and the personalities of the students in the advisory as they meet the school goals of the advisory program.  

Another job of the advisor is to make sure that students have what they need to be academically successful.  It may be a homework check; it may be organizing their binders; or it may be covering their books.  We have found that each child may need a different type of support depending on the support parents are able to provide at home.  The advisor’s job is to provide the support when needed.  


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.  We would be happy to get back to you.