The Sekihara Twins!Be strong, Kaoru-chan.I'm Tae's twin sister, Sae.She puts it all on his tab.

Age: Mid-20s

Allies: The Kenshingumi and Oniwabanshuu respectively.

Enemies: Those who don't pay their bills

First appearances: Tokyo Arc (Tae), Kyoto Arc (Sae)

Biographies: Sekihara Tae and Sae are the identical twin daughters of a merchant who owns two beef pot restaurants, which he lets his daughters run for him. Tae runs the Akabeko in Tokyo and Sae runs the Shirobeko in Kyoto. Both are model businesswomen and are also obsessed with matchmaking and gossip.

Personality Profiles: Kind-hearted, generous, gossipy, romantic.

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