Winter week 2

17th october 2017

Division 1

Nags head 6 Bentley United 3

Rising Sun 9 Bentley B 0

Busters 7 Railway Billericay 2

Ringers 5 Royal Oak 4

Brave Nelson 8 Chequers 1

Division 2

Lounge Abouts 6 Charlies A 3

HHFC 8 Bentley Eagles 1

White Horse 8 Charlies B 1

GMS Bardswell 6 Barswell 3


Winter Week 1

10th October 2017

Division 1

Bentley B beat Bentley United 6-3

Brave Nelson beat Railway Billericay 7-2

The Ringers beat Rising Sun 5-4

Royal Oak beat Railway Busters 7-2

Nags Head beat Chequers 5-4

Division 2

Gms Bardswell beat The Lounge Abouts 6-3

HHFC beat Charlies B 6-3

White Horse beat Bardswell 7-2

The All Stars beat Bentley Eagles 5-4

Week 12 - 22nd August

Division 1

Royal Oak beat Brave Nelson 7-2, 180’s from Clinton, Steve and Paul, 14 dart leg from Vic

Railway Busters beat Rising Sun 5-4 180’s from Steve & R Langley,  R Bayliss 15 dart leg and 114 out

Ringers beat the Rejects 5-4 180’s from Bex & Pete and a 174 for Pete as well

Division 2

Nags Head beat Lounge Abouts 8-1, A 180 for Danielle

Busters beat Bentley United 7-2, 180 for John and a 177 for Trev

White Horse beat The Robin 7-2, a 110 ℅ for Wayne

Division 3

As a gesture of goodwill Damian and his team GMS agreed to a forfeit of 5-0 against The All Stars, owing to the circumstances surrounding the postponed game.

Harold Hill FC won 8-1 against The Bardswell

Charlies Bar B came out victorious in the venue derby beating Charlies A 6-3

Week 11 - 15th August

Division 1

Ringers beat Brave Nelson 5-4  180’s from P Adamson & P Marsh, 120 ℅ fro Barry

Royal Oak beat Rising Sun 6-3, 180s from Ben, Steve J, Dan, Terry & Steve W, a 15 dart leg from John Costigan and a 120 ℅ , a 14 dart leg from Steve W

Black Bull won against Railway Billericay 8-1, a 118 ℅ from A Cole

Division 2

White Horse beat Bentley United 6-3

Railway Busters beat Bentley B who had to use the wildcard, 7-2

Nags Head receive a 9-0 win as The Robin did not turn up

Division 3

Harold Hill FC beat Charlies A 7-2

Charlies B beat The All Stars 5-4

GMS Bardswell beat Bentley Eagles 6-3

Week 10 - 8th August

Division 1

Rising Sun beat the Ringers 5-4 180’s from Steve, Dan, Barry & Rob

Railway Billericay beat Royal Oak 5-4 180’s from R Bayliss, S Love & T Lambert 174 from John Cotigan

Rejects cancelled, Black Bull receive 9-0 win

Division 2

Nags Head beat Bentley United 7-2

The Lounge Abouts beat a 5 man Robin 7-2 Jenny winning the final game in a night that seemed to go on forever.

Bentley B beat White Horse 6-3

Division 3

Harold Hill FC beat The All Stars 7-2

Charlies Bar B beat GMS Bardswell 6-3

Barswell vs Eagles Results did not turn up due to Postal Issues, Result will be updated next week.

Week 9 - 1st August

Division 1

A 4 player Ringers used the wildcard to beat Railway Bllericay 7-2,

Brave Nelson beat The Rejects 5-4, 180’s from S Whittam and John Wastenage

Black Bull beat Royal Oak 6-3, a 171 from Jason Gerraghty

Division 2

Railway Busters beat White Horse 7-2, 180 from LLoyd George and 106 ℅ from D Pryke

Bentley United beat Lounge Abouts 6-3

Nags Head beat Bentley B 6-3, a 14 dart leg from Bob Knapp

Division 3

HHFC beat GMS Barswell 8-1 a 180 from Jamie Manchester

Charlies Bar B beat Bentley Eagles 7-2

Charlies A beat The Bardswell 6-3

Week 8 - 25th July

Division 1

The Ringers beat Royak Oak 5-4, M Hancocks hit 2x180’s, a 14 dart leg and a 141 ℅ , 180 from T Lambert and a 13 dart leg from S Woodside

The Rejects beat Rising Sun 6-3, 180,s from M McCoombe and 2 from Steve Johsnon, a 15 dart leg from Steve Johnson and Lee Nightingill, 122 ℅ form Keith Petrie and a 110 ℅ from C Gower

Black Bull beat Brave Nelson 5-4, 180’s from M Compton, M Doe and H Cove

Division 2

The Busters beat Nags Head 5-4

Bentley B bet Lounge Abouts 7-2

Robin v Bentley United postponed - To be Played ASAP before the season finishes in 8 weeks

Division 3

The All Stars beat The Bardswell 7-2

Charlies Bar A beat Bentley Eagles 6-3

Harold Hill FC beat Charlies Bar B 7-2, 180s from A Brindley & R Vallance

Week 7 - 18th July

Division 1

The Ringers beat The Black Bull 7-2, 180’s from T Wilson and M Compton

Railway Billericay beat The Rejects 6-3, 103 ℅ from Kevin

Rising Sun beat Brave Nelson 5-4, A 14 & 15 dart leg from Steve Johnson, 104 ℅ from J Wastenage and an 180 from Paul Westcott

Division 2

White Horse beat Nags Head 5-4, 180’s from D Marsh, W Gabriel and K Crowe

Bentley B beat The Robin 7-2, A 180 From Terry Goddard

The Busters beat The Lounge Abouts 8-1

Division 3

Charlies Bar A beat The All Stars 6-3

Gms Bardswell beat The Bardswell 8-1 in the league's newest derby

Harold Hill FC beat Bentley Eagles 8-1, A 15 dart leg from R Vallance and a 180 from Jamie Manchester

Week 6 - 11th July

Division 1

Royal Oak beat The Rejects 5-4, A 14 dart leg from Clinton & Steve H and a 130 ℅ from Si Love

Rising Sun beat The Black Bull 7-2, A 14 Dart Leg for M Compton and a 180 for G Lovell

Brave Nelson beat Railway Billericay 7-2, 180 From J Wastenage and 105 ℅ from Paul Westcott

Division 2

The Busters beat The Robin 6-3, A 180 from Grant Hammond and a 111 ℅ from Shane Deeks

Bentley B beat Bentley United 8-1 in the one of tonight's venue derbies, a 180 from Brian Williams

White Horse beat The Lounge Abouts 6-3

Division 3

Charlies Bar B beat Bardswell 9-0 

The All Stars beat Bentley Eagles 5-4 in the other venue derby, A 180 from Mick Wood and a 171 from Alan Pool

Charlies Bar A beat Gms Bardswell 7-2

Week 5 - 4th July


Division 1

The Ringers beat The Rejects 8-1 to carry on an impressive 27 game unbeaten streak in both league and cup matches, 180;s from P Marsh, R Elliot, Rob Donat and a 15 dart leg from Bex Farmer

Railway Billericay best Rising Sun 6-3, A 180 from Derrek Baxendale, 100 & 102 ℅ from Steve Johnson & a 14 dart leg from Chris Wilson

Royal Oak beat Brave Nelson 7-2, 180’s from Jason Gerraghty, John Wastenage and A De Silva,

Division 2

Nags Head beat The Lounge Abouts 7-2

Railway Busters beat Bentley United 5-4, 180 from D Goddard and a 110 from D Pryke

The Robin beat The White Horse 5-4

Division 3

HHFC beat Bardswell 9-0, 122 ℅ , 106 ℅  and a 15 dart leg all coming from Leon Smerdon

All Stars beat Gms Bardswell 5-4, 180 hit by Keith Hemsworth.

Charlies Bar A came out victorious in the venue derby and beat Charlies Bar B 6-3

Week 4 - 27th June

Division 1

The Ringers beat Brave Nelson 6-3, 180 from S Whittam, as well as a 15 art leg from P Shea

Royal Oak beat Rising Sun 6-3,180’s from Steve Johnson & Ben Maguire and a 15 dart leg for Ben too

Railway Billericay beat Black Bull 5-4

Division 2

Bentley B beat Railway Busters 5-4, A 180 from M Hill and a 105 finish from A Brown

White Horse beat Bentley United 6-3 with a 180 from Kev Crow

Nags Head beat The Robin 6-3

Division 3

HHFC beat Charlies Bar A 8-1, A 180 From Leon Smerdon

Bentley All Stars beat Charlies Bar B 6-3

Bentley Eagles beat GMS Bardswell 5-4

Week 3 - 20th June

Division 1

Ingatestone Ringers beat Rising Sun 6-3, 180’s from Lee Nightingill & Steve Johnson, 13 dart leg from Lee & Steve and a 105 outshot by Rob Donat

Royal Oak beat Railway Billericay 6-3, a 180 from John Costigan, 136 ℅ from Steve Woodside and a 105 ℅ from Daryll Claydon

HWNC Rejects bet Black Bull 6-3, 180’s from Andy Cole & Martin Compton, 114 ℅ form Pete Whifen

Division 2

The Robin beat The Lounge Abouts 8-1, with a 180 from Kevin Dorrington

Nags Head beat Bentley United 8-1

White Horse beat Bentley B 5-4, with a 180 from John Turner

Division 3

HHFC beat Bentley All Stars 5-4 180’s from Andy Millard & R Vallance, 120 ℅ from Leon Smerdon

Charlies Bar B beat GMS Bardswell 7-2 

Bentley Eagles bat Bardswell 6-3

Week 2  - 13th June

Division 1

Ingatestone Ringers beat Railway Billericay 9-0, A 180 from Barry Lynn, 117 finish from C Wilson and a 14 dart leg from Barry & Bex

Black Bull beat Royal Oak 5-4, 180 from M Compton, 138 & 112 finish from M Doe

HWNC Rejects beat Brave Nelson 5-4, 107 finish from Paul Adamson

Division 2

Lounge Abouts beat Bentley United 5-4, A 115 finish from Brian Williams

Railway Busters beat White Horse 5-4, 180’s from M Hill & K Crowe

Bentley B beat Nags Head 6-3, A 180 from Terry Goddard

Division 3

Harold Hill FC beat GMS Bardswell 7-2, 180 from L Smerdon, 133 out from G Butcher

Charlies Bar B beat Bentley Eagles 6-3

Charlies Bar A beat Bardswell 7-2

Week 1 - 6th June

Division 1 

Ingatestone Ringers beat the Royal Oak 7-2  180’s from Barry Lynn, Paul Marsh and John Costigan,

Rising Sun beat the HWNC 6 - 3.... A 15 dart leg from Steve Johnson, A 122 Finish from Simon Pratt, A 180 from Lee Nightingale & a 100 finish for Dan Mccroy,

Black Bull beat Brave Nelson 6-3, 180’s from G Gregory and Steve Whittam as well as a 110 finish.

Division 2 

The Robin beat Bentley United 6-3, A 110 Finish From Trev Williams,

Bentley B beat the Lounge Abouts 6-3, 110 finish from Kevin Stammers and a 122 finish from Terry Goddard,

Nags Head beat the Railway busters 8-1.

Division 3

Harold Hill FC beat Charlies Bar B 7-2, 180 from R Vallance,

Bentley Allstars beat the Bardswell 6-3,

Charlies Bar A beat Bentley Eagles 6-3

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