We are very proud to announce that CampEd 17 will take place on the weekend of the 26th to the 29th May 2017. This is the fifth CampEd to take place in the North and the sixth CampEd event overall.

Venue Cliffe House, Shepley (nr Huddersfield)

What is CampEd?

CampEd as a concept came from Twitter conversation on the 20th  September 2011 about the potential of getting together to hold a free festival to inspire each other in our learning. This developed with the initial working title of #Shedfest which developed into #CampEd12 which took place on Hardnaze Farm, Oxenhope on the first Bank Holiday weekend in May 2012. The whole weekend is an opportunity for formal sessions to take place on a range of subjects as well as opportunities for great and meaningful discussions. The intention of the first #CampEd was that we recreated the best parts of conferences which tend to be the conversations between sessions and serendipitous conversations. This has now developed over the last five years into an annual event where educationalists come together for a relaxed CPD community event

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If you are interested in attending please put your name on the spreadsheet. This is not binding but a statement of interest.

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Prices for 2017 have been frozen (in recognition of weather conditions at #CampEd12? :)

Please also note that the dates for CampEdSouth 17 have also been set: Friday 20th - Monday 23rd October, at Ballard School in New Milton, Hampshire. Contact Alex Bellars (@bellaale) for more info! bit.ly/CampEDSouth


CampEd 17 is a free learning festival held at a wonderful outdoor learning centre - by free it is intended that the only costs will be those for accommodation, resources and food. It is not intended that any of the CPD will be provided at any cost.

The model for this has been inspired by
LOB (Learning on the Beach), Teachmeets and Kidsmeets.

The intention of the festival is for activities to range from demonstrations, chaired and open discussions, joint events (hosted both by adults and children), walks and practical activities but this will be dictated entirely by the discussions on this google doc.

That sounds a little odd but it simply works - over recent years we have had some brilliant sessions led by teenagers and contributions in discussions which have shone a light on the realities of the classroom. (The session on Feedback and Marking last year was illuminated by the views of secondary student!) It also took place in glorious sunshine sitting in a field whilst everyone else was taught how to play Ultimate Frisbee.

 Whilst some of the festival will be inevitably timetabled it is important that there will be time for discussion whilst walking, playing or washing up. The key element will be providing opportunities for people, who might not otherwise have the chance to meet, to develop ideas around pedagogy, resourcing, educational development, looking across different age phases and subjects. It is clear from the discussions,  which took place in setting up previous CampEds, that this is not about demonstration of commercial solutions or products.

Activities at the previous incarnations have included learning to plastic trombones in an hour, daylight astronomy, finding the DNA in bananas, identifying the DNA from Richard III, den building, hiking, music, orienteering, stop frame animation, French poetry, campfire building, coding, mathematical origami, geocaching and using Robots. There have also been bands made up of attendees which have entertained us royally on the saturday nights.

What is really important in all of this is the ethos of the weekend which is above all, a social event at which educationalists and their families have a wonderful time. Next to all of this, there are some great CPD events and also some great networking and discussion opportunities.

On top of everything, it is a wonderful, family weekend.

If you haven’t heard about #CampEd the blog posts from people who attended are all listed on this post from Dughall McCormick. Here are some reports from our third Teachmeet #CampEd15 from Jo Badge and Eylan Ezekiel. Details of #Camped16 are on this Flickr page, Tony Parkin’s storify page and all of the tweets

The whole ethos of a CampEd event is that it develops through the ideas and offers of those who are attending and is no way like a conventional education conference. So it is important that, like in previous events, we take time to discuss how the weekend could work.

The Venue

Cliffe House, Shepley is a residential field study and conference centre located 7 miles south east of Huddersfield set in 10 acres of beautiful gardens and grounds. It has both space outside for up to 30 tents and a range of dormitories from 2 bed to 8 bed with the offer of bed and breakfast prices. It has now become the home of CampEd in the North and a wonderful place for us to meet. The site has fantastic facilities including classrooms and conference rooms in the building as well as extensive grounds with woodland, a dipping pond, adventure playground and fire pits. There are several good areas for long walks in the area as well which often go past lovely and family friendly pubs

In the grounds, there is a huge children’s playground, fields and paths to follow, all in a quiet and safe environment.  One of the wonderful parts of each of the events have been the friendships struck up between the different children of all ages.


Discussions about practicalities

Whilst Cliffe House has liability insurance which would cover the event, it would be sensible if those who attend sign a disclaimer to ensure that those organising do not  fall liable for accidents.

The best date we could arrange was for the weekend of 26th to the 29th May departing by lunchtime on the Bank Holiday Monday. This means that attendees will be able to arrive from Friday evening and can stay for three nights.  Cliffe House do provide breakfasts if you wish to buy them, whilst the centre is close to the shops in Shepley (one of which has a bakery section selling warm croissants in the mornings!) Lunches are available in the village as well. In the evenings, we always set up a community meal which people are very welcome to join. Some campers eat at their tents and then join the group for after meal chats and fun.

Cliffe House is close to a road and wildlife so all dogs will need to be on a lead or tethered. There will be areas where the dogs will be able to be exercised off their leads. We will ask that #CampEders do reflect on whether their dog will cope with such an event - issues such as them humping other dogs (or people’s legs)  and howling through the night may cause embarrassment!

Key Information for the weekend


We are looking to create a bit of a kitty as we did last time charging £20 per family group and £5 per individual. We will put any excess behind the bar on the Saturday/Sunday night.


Showers will be available to all between 8am and 10 am

What is it like for non teachers?

The beauty of CampEd meetings is the fact that, above all, it is a community event, where education is discussed and, more importantly, educational activities take place. The lovely part of each weekend is listening to husbands or wives of teachers who had come along not quite knowing what to expect and had had a wonderful time. There is now quite a community growing but we always welcome new CampEders every year.



  • You may arrive at the site anytime from 4pm on the Friday.
  • There is a sufficient parking for all attendees close to the camping.
  • There will not be food provided on Friday night but there are several pubs nearby. For the last two years, we have all met and eaten at the Cask and Spindle which made a wonderful start to the weekend. https://goo.gl/maps/Q6tPj 
  • Alternatively several campers do get together to cook together.


  • We will aim to start at 11am on Saturday morning - during this session people then offer to run sessions.
  • We will provide tea, coffee, milk, sweets and other sundries
  • In the event of inclement weather we will have use of rooms over the weekend with a classroom to be used as a base from Saturday afternoon. In the case of poor weather, we can work in the indoor classrooms but aim to be outside as much as possible.
  • At present, we are not able to provide lunch but there is plenty of space to make a picnic lunch both inside and outside
  • We will be putting on food on the Saturday night (details to follow)
  • We do need a band again so any volunteers gratefully accepted


  • Sessions will start again at 11am after breakfast
  • We cannot provide lunch but there will be somewhere to make your own
  • In the evening,  we will all go to The Sovereign pub for a meal. Any monies which are spare from the kitty will go towards the bill.


  • We will aim to leave the site by 11am. Hopefully, this year without the need for human assistance to get off the site due to wet weather!

If you would like to sign up showing interest click here

Sign up for sessions

If you would like to put on a session please sign up here. The session could be you leading something or volunteering to curate a discussion. At first we will just create a list and then seek to put into days nearer the time

grand gin tasting: Mason’s Yorkshire gin (Dughall) Burleigh's leicester gin and Salcombe gin  (Jo Badge)

Jo Badge - should have a set of Micro:bits and buggies to bring to play with.

Richard Badge - will persuade Rich to bring some science stuff :-)

Ellie and Charlotte Badge - responsible teenagers available for child care, games, providing pupil view on ’ ideas!

Alex Bellars - something arty (haven’t decided yet)

Dawn H - no idea will think of something also teen and pre teen not necessarily responsible but will be available for child care and games!

Jodie Lopez - circus skills with whatever I can fit in the bags - juggling, contact juggling, poi. (Beginners only please I haven’t practiced in years!)

Beren- something outdoorsy: to celebrate the weather this year probably muddy!  Plus will bring some pbones again, perhaps some pBuzzes (our KS1 tiny trombone)

Volunteers for the band (no great musical talent required)

Ellie Badge: trumpet

Richard Badge : mandolin (random strumming), pBone (random Samba), trumpet (can play actual music!)

Alex Bellars: mouth

Beren/Calvin/Celeste: various brass/plastic instruments and piano (all random samba!)

Tony P - cabasa, and egg (both good for samba! :)

Booking Details For #CampED17

Booking & Prices

Please book and pay with Cliffe House directly by
01484 225083 (Option 3: Cliffe House)

 Card payments can be made over the phone.


Accommodation in the house:

£25 per person per night for board only in the main house, (dormitory style)

Camping on the main lawn:

Large pitch (includes campers/caravans) £25 per night

Small pitch £15 per night

Wherever you stay, you are welcome to have breakfast in Cliffe House (most campers do!)

Cooked breakfast (Saturday & Sunday)

£5.50 per adult (£3.50 for Under 12s) – Pre bookable

Continental breakfast (Monday)

£4.00 per person - Pre bookable

Cliffe House

140 Lane Head Road




01484 225083 (Option 3 - Cliffe House)