Forged with Jeff Reynolds and Kristen Ashton


Spawned from one of the seven heads of Tathamet, Andariel served as the head of the Realm of Anguish. Following the Sin War, she was one of the few Lesser Evils to leave the pact that had allowed them to overthrow the Primes in a bid to rule Hell. She joined with Diablo to protect his weak, mortal form by stationing herself within the citadel of the Sisterhood of the Sightless Eye to bar travelers from heading east, buying Diablo the time he needed. However, heroes eventually made their way to her lair and sent her back to hell from whence she came.

Jeff’s Choices



Trait- “Emotional Suffering”

“Andariel derived pleasure from emotional suffering, believing in the "purity" of the emotion.” With this trait all units that are close to Andariel will feel the emotional “pain” of engaging with her. Any unit that is close to Andariel that takes damage will feed her health bar with invulnerable health points called “Ecstasy.” These points stack up to 25% of Andariel’s health and they cannot be depleted by any attack. These stacks become health points again over time. This will make Andariel’s last health points invulnerable as long as enemies in range of this trait are taking damage, making her a tank that can stay in the fight as long as she has damage output from her team. ”Andariel was said to abhor isolation, as she sustained herself on the suffering of others.”

Mount- “Stone Gargoyle Flying Mount”

Q- “Contamination”

Andariel is known for her poison in her Diablo boss battle. This would be represented in Heroes of the Storm when this ability is activated. This ability acts like a combination of Diablo’s Fire stomp and Xul’s poison ultimate. Once activated she will send 3 poison ballos forward from her body. If they connect with the enemy they will deal a large amount of damage over time to the target.

W- “Skullcrack”

Andariel grabs a target in close range and smashes her head into theirs- dealing damage and giving the enemy a debuff called concussion. Concussed enemies will move in random directions for a very short amount of time. The direction of the movement is random and the enemies can still attack and use abilities.

E- “Heave”

When this ability is activated Andariel will grab a hero that is close and toss them in a select direction. This ability can be used on enemy units as well as friendly units and they fly for a distance that is close to the length of a dwarf toss.

Heroic 1- “Torture”

When this is activated Andariel uses her giant scorpion arms to pin down enemies that are close to her. Heroes that are pinned are able to attack as normal but are unable to move from their grasp. Andariel is unable to move during this ability but is still able to attack. The units that are pinned down around her will be close enough so that that she is able to benefit from her trait.

Heroic 2- “Devotion” 

This is a simple heroic with incredible possibilities. When selected Andariel is able to select a hero on the enemy team that cannot deal damage to her for a short amount of time. This hero does not know that they have been selected and will only be able to tell that they are not doing damage to her when her health bar does not deplete from their attacks.

Specialty Skin: “Mean Girl Andariel” High School popular girl that thrives on the emotional and social tragedy of others in her school.

Dance: YMCA… but with her 6 appendages.

Kristen’s Choices

All these emotions and you choose Anguish.






        Drain (Aura)

As the Maiden of Anguish, it is documented that Andariel feeds on the emotional essences of those around her. When enemies get too close, their regenerative capabilities (both health and mana/hatred/rage/etc) are slowed as Andariel feeds off of their emotions, prompting her regenerative abilities to increase.



Use her massive appendages to pick up her body and move her forward in a galloping motion.


Deadly Punctures

When an enemy gets too close, Andariel can activate this ability to stab her foe with all four of her extra appendages to deal massive damage that is dealt over time. This attack locks them into place until the damage is dealt.


Spread Blight

As a ranged attack, Andariel blasts poison mist in an arc around her, dealing poison damage to any caught in its area.


Unimaginable Strife

Andariel chooses a target and forces them relive the terrible moments of their past, producing a euphoric wave of pure suffering. While in this state, the target is stunned as Andariel uses their mana stores to refuel her own. The more times they’ve died, the more mana she can siphon.


Hell Hath No Fury

When scorned, Andariel does not sit back and let the offender leave without punishment. During this ability, those that deal damage to Andariel are marked with her aura regardless of their proximity to her. Then, when it is time to unleash hell on her enemies, she activates this ability once more to deal explosive damage to all those marked.


        Pain of Defeat

When killed, Andariel erupts in a pillar of flame that knocks down the very heavens. Chunks of debris come crashing down, damaging and stunning any knocked by them.


        Demona (Gargoyles)

Red mullet, and little clothing, both characters love the idea of destroying all of humanity.


        Airplane! I’ve Been Stabbed in the Back

Using her clawed appendages and arms, Andariel points to the imaginary knife in her back.