The iPad Classroom - Boston

July 17-19, 2013


Tom Daccord:, @thomasdaccord

Holly Clark:, @hollyedtechdiva


Welcome & Overview

Consumption - Curation - Creation - Connection

EdTechTeacher Articles / Blog Posts

iPad Warmup






Organization & Assessment

Using Twitter & Diigo for iPad Learning & Networking

End of Workshop Survey & News

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Welcome & Overview

Workshop framework:

Consumption - Curation - Creation - Connection

EdTechTeacher Articles / Blog Posts

iPad Warmup

Getting Started: Hands-on Challenge


Consuming information

Socrative: Student response system

Socrative Teacher Portal / Socrative Student Portal

Consuming - PDFs, ePubs, & iBooks

Finding curriculum content in PDF form

iPad Conversion: Making ePubs & PDFs on an iPad


Organizing information

Notability - Annotating PDF documents

Evernote - keeping track of resources


Creative representations of learning

I want students to use the iPad As….Telling Digital Stories with images, audio, & video


Learning & Creating with in Kindergarten 

Writer’s Workshop Poetry Lesson

iPad Band

Students Teach Plate Tectonics

Science Classroom iMovie Trailers

Stop Motion Cell Animations

Altitude and Temperature with Puppet Pals

Journey Through the Solar System

Prime Factorization 

Audio and Visuals for Junior Paper

Equation Book Project

AP Statistics

Civil Rights Presentation (scroll to bottom)

Create Screencasts

        (Optional) Educreations, Showme, or Screenchomp (K-2)

Create Multimedia Books

Record Audio with Image

Simple Audio Recording

Audio Recording and Curating

Create Speaking Avatars

Add Video to an Image

Create an Animated Slideshow

Create a Collaborative Audio/Visual Story

Create a Children’s Story

        Create a Presentation

Edit Images


Create an Movie         

Audio Recording and Editing & Podcast Creation

Create Augmented Reality


Copyright: Public vs. Private, and Acceptable Use        


Sharing and collaborating

Workflow - Scenarios & Solutions

Shared Folder(s) Strategy

Document Storage & Distribution: Dropbox & Box

Using Dropbox - Setting up shared folders

Google Drive: Storage & Collaboration

Using Evernote - creating & managing Notebooks

Collaboration via Subtext

Using Twitter & Diigo for iPad Learning & Networking  

Organization & Assessment

Final Thoughts & Ideas for Integrating iPads

I want students to use the iPad for....Organization

I want students to use the iPad for….Assessing and managing my class: using the iPad for formative assessment as well as behavior management

End of Workshop Survey & News

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You can also access the online certificate via this link.

Save the Date!

November 13-15, 2013: Leading Change in Changing Times: EdTechTeacher iPad Summit USA

Grad Credit

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