March 23, 2017 – RELIEF SOCIETY

Conducting:  Sister Williams
Pianist:  Sister Lai
Chorister:  Sister Hickman

Special Number:  Sister Allen (piano)  Sister Boutoille (flute)  
Come Ye Thankful People Come

Sisters Allen and Boutille

Purpose:  Sister Beltrán

Sister Beltrán

•        Please see the new clothing rack by the TC in the SVC.
•        As all apartments were Celestial apartments for deep cleaning, there will be a pizza party Friday at lunchtime.
•        March 30, 2017 Relief Society will be held at the Relief Society Building.  Please be in front of the building at 7:15 am.  Leave your apartments early enough to bring your food etc. to the SVC and still be on time at the Relief Society building.
•        Sisters departing in the June 28th and August 9th transfers have the opportunity of extending one transfer.  You may call home for a 5 minute call and then talk to President Risenmay if you would like to extend.

•        President Mulford quoted D&C 101 and encouraged us to be prepared for any security issues that may arrive.
•        If you have not turned your panic pull papers in, please do so today.  The paper is still needed from 6 sisters.
•        We will be reviewing security matters in District Meeting.
•        In DA for any emergency, call 801-488-2284.

We were given excellent security training by:

Rick Spencer

Brandon Taylor

Mike Johnson

We talked about evacuation procedures and meeting areas for fire, earthquake etc.  We were also instructed on how to handle suspicious packages.  The training was very informative and effective.

Closing Hymn:  #129  Where Can I Turn for Peace
Closing Prayer:  Sister Boutoille

As we were exiting, the fire alarm went off and we all met at the flagpole.