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Published 14/12/2015

Information about Learning and Development Opportunities in 2016                        2 pages

Unit Leader Qualification Training

The Unit Leader & Assistant Leader roles are designed for women who wish to lead a guide unit on a regular basis (ie weekly).  The Unit Leader and Assistant Leader are appointed to a Unit.

The Unit Leader Qualification Training weekends are suitable for unqualified Unit Leaders and Assistant Leaders. Assistant Leader may choose to leave at Sunday lunch time if they wish.

Outdoors Leader Qualification Training

The Outdoors Leadership Qualification weekend is suitable for Adults wishing to become an Outdoors Leader and will provide you training to cover delivering the Australian Guide Program (AGP), being a leader of a Unit including ceremonies, program planning and evaluations and Being Safe which covers risk and duty of care requirements.

The Outdoors Leader role is designed for women who have a passion for outdoor activities and want to specialise in this area of Guiding and / or are not able to commit to a regular weekly meeting.

In addition the Outdoor Leader will attend a range of outdoor skills training sessions. After qualification Outdoors Leaders may specialise in various outdoors skills  eg. boating or abseiling.

Unit Leaders please note:

An Outdoors Leader may not concurrently hold a Unit Leader appointment.

This course is not for Leaders /Managers wanting to gain camping qualifications - please see the Camping Qualification training.  

Becoming a Manager

For women who are new to Guiding or new to the Manager’s role. The day will include sessions on Becoming a Manager and Leading in Guiding and will include administration, finances, property matters and risk management.


It is recommended that Becoming a Manager is attended near the beginning of the Management journey.

Leading Volunteers

The Manager Skills day is suitable for new or experienced District, Region & State Managers and their Assistants. This day is compulsory for Managers working towards their Management qualification.

This is a one day face-to-face people skills training.

Learning Partner Training

A Learning Partner is a qualified Unit Leader (Leader of Youth) or Assistant Unit Leader who is currently in a Unit or has worked with a Unit in the last 3 years or another Leader/Manager with current substantive involvement in those units. A qualified Manager may attend to become a Learning Partner for Managers.

To work as a Learning Partner you must attend a Learning Partner Training. After completing the Learning Partner Training Leaders are appointed Learning Partners by Region or District Managers if all criteria is met.

Camping Qualification Training For:

Conduct a Camp Module - Indoor Camp

Conduct a Camp Module - Outdoor Established Campsites

Conduct a Camp Module - Outdoor Camp at Bush Campsites

When registering online select the Camping Module that you are undertaking.

The Outdoor Camp Leader Training course is suitable for qualified Leaders or Managers who wish to conduct Outdoor Camps (Established campsite or Bush campsite), Indoor Camps or sleepovers of more than 24 hours duration. Accommodation will be in a tent.

The Indoor Camp Residential weekend is suitable for qualified Leaders or Managers who wish to conduct indoor camps or sleepovers of more than 24 hours duration. Accommodation will be indoors.

The training is a practical camp weekend modelling a camp and covering camp programming, menu, budgeting, equipment - maintenance and repair, being safe in Camp and campsite management.

You do not need to be a qualified leader to attend this training, however you will not be able to gain your camping qualification until after you are a qualified Leader.

Please Note: if you are undertaking Conduct an Expedition Modules contact the L&D Dept. for training options.

Presenting with Pizzazz

A training for managers and leaders who want to learn more about presenting to groups and for those interested in training.

Region Workshops

A variety of workshops will be available for Regions to select from.

Further information in early 2016.


Contact your Region Learning and Development Co-ordinator   or

Please note: We will endeavor to run the trainings as scheduled. These are subject to confirmation of venue and times.

Minimum numbers for trainings apply. Closing date for each training is usually 3 weeks prior.