Transition and Algebra Tests Corrections:

After a quiz or a test, if you are not satisfied with your grade you may do the following steps to raise your grade.

Only if you have done the practice work leading up to the test/quiz may you work on corrections.  

After you receive your test/quiz you may do corrections.  The corrections need to be done as follows:

The amount of credit given back will be based on the level of understanding that you have communicated in your corrections.  The more you understand the concepts, and what mistake you made originally, the more credit you will receive.

Due dates for corrections will be given after the tests, and will be based on our upcoming schedule, and the amount of material covered.

Finally, this is optional.  It is between you and your parents on whether you take on corrections.   I will be notifying your parents if you do or do not take on corrections when you have the opportunity. Obviously the better you do the first time around, the less (if any) that you will need to do after the test/quiz.