The College of St. Scholastica CLEAN Student Agreement

This Agreement is a mandatory step in the CLEAN admission process and adherence to the outlined expectations it includes is paramount to active membership in the CLEAN Program and participation in CLEAN Equip. It is pertinent to both on-campus residents and non-residents. Only those who have signed with an understanding of terms and conditions of CLEAN membership are eligible for receiving the financial and programmatic benefits offered by the program.

First and foremost, I will engage the CLEAN Community meeting and continually strive to further my role as a member of that community. My purpose here must remain clear: to utilize the recovery community and the resources, service opportunities, and support offered to me.

I will put in time and effort with CLEAN members outside of formal and mandatory CLEAN events to develop a relationship with other members of the community.

I will reach out to fellow community members in both my time of need and in theirs so that we may support one another.

I will hold my fellow community members accountable and will expect them to do the same for me.

I will stay current with CLEAN staff members, practicing the four principles of honesty, transparency, servant-hood, and accountability in those relationships, recognizing that their sole purpose is to help me further develop a recovery lifestyle.

I will attend a formal meeting with staff once per semester (or more if needed and requested by staff) to evaluate my role and level of engagement in the CLEAN community.

I will commit to attending the weekly CLEAN Community meeting, understanding that my presence at this is an essential testament to my dedication to and respect for my peers.

I will continue to commit to and enhance my own recovery program understanding that it is my responsibility.

I will participate in CLEAN Programming and events, making an effort to attend recreational community building events to connect with peers and demonstrate my commitment to the community.

I will look for ways to be of service to the community such as driving CSS-issued vehicles to twelve-step meetings and events, speaking in classes, spearheading fun events for community members, and seeking out those in the community in need of support.

I will not ingest or be in possession of alcohol or any illegal or mind or mood-altering substances
(Only legitimately prescribed drugs may be possessed and ingested after being approved by a physician with whom SCHAWB staff will be, if necessary, in continuous contact.  This may require you to sign a release of information with this care provider).

I will not partake in a romantic and/or physical relationship with any other CLEAN peer group member during my first semester on CLEAN contract and my first year of sobriety. Relationships between CLEAN members must follow the aforementioned protocol and also be disclosed to and discussed with staff. Pre-existing relationships between CLEAN students must also be disclosed to and discussed with staff upon acceptance into CLEAN.

I will adhere to the AA/NA legacy of honesty, open-mindedness, and willingness.

I will attend a minimum of three Twelve Step meetings each week. Attendance to Non-Twelve Step meetings can be discussed with staff.

I will develop and maintain a firm and truthful relationship with a sponsor, meeting regularly with that individual and actively progressing in my recovery through our work together.

I will attend class and maintain status as a full-time student or employee, keeping in mind that my primary purpose here is to succeed academically.

I will not attend bars, casinos, strip clubs, or other high-risk environments unless previously discussed with my peers and a CLEAN staff member.

When on the CSS campus, I will adhere to and respect all college policies and values as outlined in the handbook.

I will meet bi-weekly with the CLEAN Recovery Coach and invest in those sessions by being mindful, willing to take action, and honest in those discussions.

I will agree to take urinalysis tests as requested by CLEAN staff, cooperating with the process and adhering to a policy of strict honesty and sobriety and understanding that failure of a urinalysis test is grounds for dismissal from the program and exclusion from the offered stipend. Please see attached UA policy.

I will serve as a positive influence and contributor to the CLEAN Program and its members, treating all participants with respect.

The College of St. Scholastica CLEAN Reside Housing Student Agreement

This agreement outlines the rules and expectations associated with residing in The College of St. Scholastica Recovery Services’ CLEAN Program sober living community. The content of this agreement supplements the rules defined by Residential Life through the College Student Handbook and the Residential Life Housing Contract. All Residential Life policies apply to residents in CLEAN Reside and compliance with these policies is essential. It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with the rules Residential Life has defined in the Housing Contract and Student Handbook.

I will conduct myself in a manner that reflects the higher standard to which I am held as a member of the CLEAN Reside sober living community.


I will not use or be in possession of alcohol or other drugs while living in CLEAN Reside. I understand that if I am found to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol I will be asked to leave the community immediately and return only at the discretion of CLEAN staff. See dismissal protocol.


I will attend the weekly house meeting in addition to all other Equip programming and events.

Residential Life policies:

I will adhere to all Residential Life policies.

I will respect the college’s tobacco policy; refraining from tobacco use on campus.

I will adhere to the expectations set by my Residential Advisor (RA).

I will respect the no-pet policy, the only exception being fish or a written exception approved by disability services and Residential Life.

Guest and leaves:

I understand that overnight guests outside of the CLEAN Program are not allowed unless approved by the house manager prior to the arrival of that outside guest. Approval must be clearly vocalized or documented by the house manager.

I will not engage in sexual activity in the apartments.

If I am to spend the night elsewhere, I need to inform my roommates and house manager before 11 pm of that evening.

Respect for living space:

I will cooperate with the house manager in weekly apartment inspections to ensure that my residence is up to cleanliness standards. If necessary, I will respect and complete my weekly chores as assigned and agreed upon during house meetings.


I will respect shared space and communicate well with my roommate(s) to avoid conflict and discourteous behavior as much as possible, utilizing the house manager and/or RA in facilitating the resolution of more serious disputes as they arise.

I will not attend casinos unless authorized by CLEAN staff prior to my visit. I will not attend strip clubs.

I will keep any prescribed medication in a safe location and in the container issued by the pharmacy. I will disclose these medications to the house manager immediately.

I understand that at any time the apartment may be searched in its entirety by staff or representatives of The College of St. Scholastica.

Please see attached UA Policy as it applies to CLEAN Reside.

I will utilize the house manager and respect him or her as a resource and staff member of The College of St. Scholastica. I will abide by the accountability offered by both the house manager and my peers.  

I will hold my roommates and Reside neighbors accountable as appropriate. I understand that covering up for them is participating in dishonesty and is therefore a violation of the integrity of the community.

I understand that this housing contract is an addition to and not replacement of the general CLEAN Equip Student Agreement.

I understand that I have waived my right of Due Process and that in the event of an eviction, alternate housing is not guaranteed.

I understand that subleasing is at the discretion of Residential Life. Unlike traditional sublets, Residential Life will have to determine if there is a space available if another party is interested in subleasing. CLEAN residences cannot be occupied by those not accepted into the CLEAN program; therefore, any potential subleaser will need to be approved by both CLEAN and Residential Life staff.

I specifically agree that if I violate any of the expectations outlined or implied by this contract, I can be expelled from the The College of St. Scholastica housing and forfeit any rights to my deposit and fees agreed upon in the Residential Life housing contract.

I understand that this is a general list of expectations and that representatives of The College of St. Scholastica may at any time make decisions regarding my presence in or dismissal from the sober living community based on their determination of appropriate behavior.

I understand that in the event of eviction, I will not be refunded any rent or deposit paid to The College of St. Scholastica.

I understand that if removed from the Reside sober living community, there may not be on-campus housing available and that in this event, I would be responsible for securing and funding off-campus housing.

I understand that if I am not a St. Scholastica student and am removed from the Reside sober living community, I will not be offered traditional on-campus housing.

I agree that final determination for any disciplinary action will be at the discretion of The College of St. Scholastica Vice President of Student Affairs or Dean of Students.

Just as it is expected of any student attending CSS, all Clean Reside students are expected to be aware of and uphold all policies and guidelines as outlined in the CSS Student Handbook and Residential Life Handbook - found here:

I am currently of sound mind and not under the influence of any drugs or alcohol.

I understand that violations of these expectations can result in my dismissal from housing or the CLEAN Program in general.

3 strike rule:  If I violate any one of these expectations three times throughout the academic year, I will be dismissed from CLEAN Reside and possibly campus housing in general. Major policy violations may warrant more serious consideration for dismissal by CLEAN or Residential Life staff.  

By signing this agreement, I hereby pledge to adhere to all terms and conditions aforementioned. I understand that any violation of one or more of these stipulations is grounds for review and immediate dismissal. I understand that my role in CLEAN is conditional of, and epitomized by, following this agreement.

This contract is effective  ________________     until  _________________

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