Environment and Terrain Artist


Seeking candidates with exceptional modelling and texturing skills. Candidates must be able to create immersive, living and fully-realized environments.

As an Environment Artist working at Muse Games, you will be responsible for creating exciting and believable artwork, building and texturing environment assets for a massive airship battlefield.

We prize an ability to demonstrate individual design skills; including concept and creation of assets that are both original and yet still keep a look and feel of their specific real-world references.




Must provide a portfolio through a webpage or other digital media to be considered

Experience with World Machine or similar packages are a positive, but not a necessity


Muse Games is an independent games studio located in New York City.  We’ve developed a wide range of games and experiences: exploring bioluminescent forests, sailing steampunk warships, or into the fury of a kung-fu hamster brawl. Our biggest game yet is Guns of Icarus Online.  We’re always taking risks, challenging ourselves to innovate, and making the games that we want to make.

Send in your inquiries to jobs@musegames.com