#154 - Into the Nexus: “Mur-Lock Down”

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Intro:  Welcome to Into the Nexus! The Heroes of the Storm podcast!

Heroes Charity Brawl this Weekend!

Saturday, February 25th, 2017 at 2PM Pacific Standard Time

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Nerfs Incoming for our favorite* fish person

BlizzNeyman tried easing players’ worries about how strong Murky is by replying to a reddit thread saying: “we hear you all (we're right there with you). We have some nerfs coming soon in the next balance patch (Soon TM). Sorry that the Nexus is a little slimier than desired at the moment.”


3rd most banned hero below Ragnaros and Malfurion. 56% participation.



Western Clash Soon

Starting on Friday, March 3rd, North America, Europe, Latin America, and Australia/New Zealand all converging to throw down.

Top 8

Misfits comes into the global event with a perfect record through seven contests in HGC Europe, only dropping five Battlegrounds so far. Go HasuObs! (affiliate of the NBA’s Miami Heat)

Dignitas knocked off Fnatic in the semifinals of the major Heroes of the Storm event in Katowice last year on the way to the championship. Each roster remains relatively intact in 2017, so there’s plenty of potential for hard feelings.

Team 8 overcame roster upheaval just before Week 1 to qualify for the Western Clash. Only dropped a match to Tempo Storm. Crossing our fingers for a rematch.

Also important to note: the live broadcast times are BONKERS for those of us here in NA. 3 AM Pacific starts times most days. Hope to wake up to the grand finals on that Sunday.


Minor News

Next hero seems to be protoss

Team League is a rough place at the moment. Though population doesn't seem to be the issue, it's Yolo 600

Heroes of the Dorm has begun! On Facebook...

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Hey Garrett and Kyle, I've got a pretty straight forward question for you guys: why is Tychus such a go-to hero for you right now? Nothing against him, I'm just trying to understand why he's such a common pick right now over say Raynor or Valla as an auto attacker. Is it purely because of the built-in giant killer? He's got a little bit of mobility, he's got a push, he's ok at lane clear, and he's got a heroic choice that's good at zoning and one that's good for increased range, but if any one or two of those are a priority, it seems like there's someone else who does it better. Is it a matter of having one hero to be practiced up on that does all of it ok instead of having to have a bigger stable of perfect picks ready to go at all times?

Maybe it's just because he's the only ranged auto-attacker I can think of where Kyle can pick a skin to be a big monster...


Hey guys

i had a question about positioning. i have been trying to get better with heroes such as Valla, however i find myself out of position a lot during fights. some times it is due to losing track of myself and ending up in the middle of the fight. i have switch to Colorblind mode to make my healthbar yellow in hopes of standing out a little better. do you have any tips or suggestions on how to get better at positioning? Thanks for all you guys do.


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