Head Lice Protocol and Procedures

When an FBA employee believes a student to have head lice that student should be sent to the school nurse to be checked.  Only the school nurse or her designee should check for lice.

The school nurse is responsible to maintain a log that records any and all visits to the nurse’s office in regards to head lice.  When a student is found to have nits or lice the parents will be called to come pick up their child.  The student may return to school after treatment but must first be rechecked by the school nurse.  

When a student is found to have nits or lice any siblings who also attend FBA would also be examined.

FBA maintains a “no nit” policy in order to provide the safest environment for our students.  This means that a student who has been found to have nits (lice eggs) would be sent home to be treated as well as any student who has live lice.

Notification to all parents in a class, grade level or school will be made solely at the discretion of the administration.  Normally notification to all parents would not occur until there are two or more cases in a class or grade level.

The decision to “search” a class, grade level of school for the presence of nits/lice is an administrative decision and should not be made by an employee.  The school nurse would normally be involved in the decision.

When a class, grade level or school is searched for nits/lice it is to be done as discreetly as possible with respect to the individual student.  If a student is found to have nits/lice he/she should be told so in private.

The head of school and the appropriate principal should be notified anytime nits or lice are found present.