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Challenge 1: Tools for young people to prevent, detect, and warn people about catastrophic natural disasters. Examples: forest fires, floods, and deforestation.

Photos of Cold Springs Fire from Summer 2016

Student stories:

I chose challenge #1 because in 2013 we had a pretty big flood that did over a billion dollars of damage. I new a lot of people that got affected by the the flood and my mother works down at the Hospital that got moved because of the flood. My mother was down there every day and slept there as well because the only way to get home was like a three hour drive back home. The emergency room and floor 1, and 2 also flooded and the walls were soaked. They had to move all the tools and materialise from those floors up to different floors that weren't as wet and that could still function.

Then there was another advent that was a fire called the Cold Springs Fire and I was affected by the fire. I was evacuated within the first two hours of it starting. The fire was less than a mile away. We were evacuated for at least a week. When we came back it smelled like smoke and slurry planes still flew by occasionally. With red stomach and white wings tipped with red the rest of it was white. It smelled like smoke for two or three weeks after. Trees stood by charred and orange. Fire trucks came in and out checking the fire to make sure that it didn’t start over again.

I chose challenge one because i want to talk about forest fires. The way they start is by the weather either being too hot and dry land, or a loose fire like a campfire. You can prevent them by always putting out your campfires completely with water. Forest fires can result in, no homes, serious injury, or even death!Forest fires usually happen in non humid, super dry area’s “cough cough COLORADO cough cough.” This is important to our community because we get a lot of forest fires.

This challenge affected me because we had a huge fire and our friends house burned down and their dog went missing. We almost had to evacuate but we stayed, and some people were camping in our driveway with their family/pets because their house was 10 feet from the fire, it was on the border of being burned. This is why the fire was so bad.

I chose challenge 1 because we need to help warn people. I remember a few years ago we had a flood and affected many people’s. If we had warnings it would have been okay. My grandma was very affected by this flood.

I choosed Nederland fire last summer and i choosed challenge 1 because to prevent young people how to use fire, warn them about natural disaster and its effect on normal humans.Forest fire often do huge damage on human life.So, to stop it people should be more warned to use fire.Forest fire is mostly done by human if we create awareness about using fire safely.It might help if people is aware of fire.And there should be strict rules and regulations over forest fire.

 I think that this is really important for many reasons. First of all, we had a really big and scary fire last year that got out of control because it wasn’t detected early enough. In addition, I live in an area next to some camp grounds where there are some not good people who light fires during the fire ban. Finally, Nederland is a town that is always at high fire danger. That is why I think challenge 1 is the best challenge.

Design challenge #1 is very important not only to my community, but humanity as a whole. The natural disasters that plague our planet are a problem we all have to become aware of, no matter what our financial status, political stance, or personal beliefs we all need to agree that saving lives is the most important goal we can focus on today. By designing an early warning system, we can preserve sacred place, save lives, and improve our planet over all. This challenge is the most important thing we can focus on. Not only for us, but for our future as well.

I know this is important because a few of my friends last year were evacuated, and a friend's neighbor's house was burned to the ground because of that fire. My family and I were on pre-evacuation. They had several horses, a donkey, and two dogs. One of the dogs was saved but the other died and its body wasn’t found. The donkey died. This is how the fire affected my community and friends.

We need to have tools to prevent and warn people about natural disasters. For example last summer there was a wildfire in Nederland. Many people were unprepared for this and didn't know what was going to hit them, Many people had to evacuate and hope there house was okay. Although the firefighters did well and stopped the fire, It still was a scare and people didn't know what was about to happen. If we had a gadget that told us ahead of time that this could happen then we would be ready for the following event.

I choose challenge # 1 because we cannot exactly detect when some disasters may take place. Without using some kind of scientific tools or machines it’s impossible to detect any kind of disasters. The forest fire last summer on the Nederland area did a lot of damage to wildlife and the forests are completely destroyed by the fire. People were all worried and some of them needed to move to another place due to the forest fire. They suffered a great loss.

This challenge is important to my community because we have had a lot of forest fires around here. There was one near or at Sunshine Canyon or near Boulder, and it is still going. There are a lot of people in Boulder and a lot of them could lose their homes and be homeless. There was also another bigger forest fire like near Ridge Road. It was caused by two people camping and started a fire probably without permission. It got out of control I think and went everywhere. Tons of people had to evacuate and some people lost their homes. Someone lost their dog in the fire and their house. I don’t think people should be able to camp and have fires freely. I think they should have to go to a proper campsite to have a fire. My dad doesn’t camp in a proper campsite, but he doesn’t have fires. He only makes fires in a campsite with a proper fire pit. Also, there could be avalanches up near the mountains. Someone could be up there and get hurt. It could be caused by people snowboarding or skiing on something that hasn’t been groomed or checked out by someone professional and the person skies or snowboards on it and creates an avalanche. The person may not realize an avalanche is coming until  she/he is stopped at the bottom or couldn’t do anything about it. The person could get buried and die because of the snow suffocating them. They could survive, but they would be pretty injured and need to go to the hospital. There are also floods which could lead to people getting their houses flooded and will have to evacuate. The floods could be caused by a dam overflowing, or to much snow melting. One time, my mom had to stay down in Boulder because the Boulder creek flooded and she couldn’t get back up the canyon. If we developed something to detect or warn us about these catastrophic natural disasters, it prevent some people losing their homes and sometimes pets. It would really help the people in Nederland and other places too. That is what I think and why.

I was evacuated for both the flood and fire and it would have been nice to get some stuff from our house before we had to leave. It was so sudden and being able to detect it would mean that you could grab stuff you need. It would also be nice to have a protection from the fire.

There are usually floods during spring and summer due to the amount of snow melting. We need a solution to help drain all of this water. It should all go somewhere where there is less of a chance for people to get flooded. We all just don’t like to have to get out the buckets and drain out the basement. It just takes too much work. My friend had a flood in his basement and it ruined the basement. This also cost a lot of money.

This challenge would help us a lot. In 2013 there was a very large flood in colorado that cause billions of dollars of damage. If we had been able to detect it early, we may have been able to prevent it, or at least prepare for it. Forest fires are very common too. Just last summer there was a very large fire and many people got evacuated and some lost their houses. If we had way to detect natural disasters quicker we may have been able to prepare more.

Challenge 2: Mindful & kindful social support tools. Tools to help young people be considerate of their own and others’ feelings (in person or online).

The Design Challenge I choose was Challenge 2, which is about the mindful and supportive tools to help younger people talk online and in life. Sometimes people say things they don't mean that end up leading into a larger argument, or they get worked up over nothing and ignore each other. One time I was getting extremely worked up about something so little, that I hurt my best friend. I wish that I could take back everything I said over a text message. Another reason could be that some kids are antisocial, or they maybe scared to talk to other people. It would help them know what to say and what not to say to make friends, and relationships. Even though some people would not use this design, it would still help the people that want to learn how to speak to people.

This challenge is important to not only my community but many others. There have been countless times that I have gotten worked up and said something I shouldn’t have, or didn’t mean. I really wish there was a way to control what comes out my mouth or what I push sent on. When I get upset or emotional my rational part of my brain shuts down so I need a way to continue filtering. I have gotten in so much trouble with my big mouth and my brain turning off, if I had a way to control that then life for me and everyone else would be much better and happier.

I think challenge 2 is more important to do for many reason. First of all, you could say something wrong and someone could take it the wrong way and then all this drama and fighting could happen. In addition, someone can say something as a joke and someone takes it bad and get bullied online. Finally, if you post something bad it’s hard to just get rid of it, and then people can share that then other people will see and your reputation can be ruined by one post. That’s why I think challenge number 2 is more important.