Tiny Tots Indoor Playground Bylaws

Revised August 2014

Welcome to the indoor playground. Tiny Tots is a working cooperative playground that operates as an independent organization led by a volunteer Board of Directors. The indoor playground rents space from Our Saviours Lutheran Church in Eugene, Oregon.

Revised: August 2014

Article I


Section 1: Eligibility

Membership shall be contingent upon the following:

  1. A family has at least one child who meets the age requirements prior to the start of the current quarter. The indoor playground serves children newborn to 5 years. Children turning 5 on or after September 1 will be eligible for the current year, as they have another year before entering kindergarten (following the 4J tuition guidelines).
  2. An adult member of the family (or someone listed on the Liability Waiver) performs the required number of openings/closings, toy cleanings, and volunteer hour(s).
  3. The family pays annual dues as set by the Tiny Tots Board of Directors (unless on scholarship).
  4. An adult member completes an orientation of the duties.
  5. The family is in compliance with the Tiny Tots Bylaws.

Section 2: Termination

Termination of membership shall occur upon the family not meeting any one of the requirements of Section 1 above, or not meeting the responsibilities in Section 4 below, or voluntarily upon the member’s request.

Section 3: Reinstatement

A former member will be reinstated as an acting member if the member left Tiny Tots in good standing and space is available. If the former member did not leave in good standing, he or she will be considered a new applicant. Past obligations must be met upon rejoining or upon the approval of the Board of Directors. Members involuntarily terminated may not return as guests.

Section 4: Responsibilities

  1. An adult member must accompany all member children.
  2. The adult member shall ensure that the child obeys all adopted indoor playground safety rules.
  3. Repeated discipline problems may result in the Board withdrawing the membership of that family.
  4. Opening/Closing Duties
  1. An adult member is to assume opening/closing duties as often as necessary to evenly distribute tasks among all members.
  2. If a member cannot meet his/her responsibility of opening or closing, he/she must arrange for a trade or contact the designated substitute. If a substitute is used, the member using the substitute must inform the Calendar Coordinator to reschedule the duty.
  3. Designated substitutes are used for unforeseen circumstances only.
  4. A member, who fails to appear for a scheduled opening or closing duty, without first, notifying the Calendar Coordinator or making prior arrangements, can be penalized with two or more additional open/close duties. After two no shows without notifying the Calendar Coordinator and with board approval, the member may be dismissed from the playground without refund.

Section 5: Guests

  1. Members may bring one guest family per month. A member showing another family who is interested in joining the playground does not count toward the guest limit.
  2. Guests are limited to one visit per month.
  3. Guests must sign the guest book and the liability waiver. “Guest” name tags must be worn.
  4. Guest children must be accompanied by their guardian or an adult member.
  5. Age limits and Tiny Tots rules apply to all guests.

Section 6: Voting Rights

Each family shall have one vote in any membership meeting.

Article II

Fees and Dues

Section 1: Dues

  1. Dues shall be as designated by the Tiny Tots Board of Directors.
  2. Dues will be assessed in August (or May of the previous year) for the following year; the Board from the previous year may provide guidance to the new Board if needed. Members may pay their dues prior to the playground opening for the school year, at the orientation meeting, or by mailing a check and enrollment forms to Tiny Tots. Scholarship and payment plans may be available as determined by the Board of Directors.
  3. Full dues are paid when a new member joins after orientation in September, October, or November. New members joining between December or February will pay dues for two terms. New members joining after dues March will pay dues for one term.
  4. Dues are not refundable for the current quarter. If a member chooses to withdraw membership mid-year, it is the member’s responsibility to notify the Board of Directors and ask for a refund on future terms only. If a member cancels mid-term, member will retain access to the playground until the end of the current term.

Article III


Section 1: Schedule of Operation

The playground shall operate during the school year according to the schedule indicated in the member handbook unless otherwise posted.

Article IV


Section 1: Playground Meetings

  1. If there is enough candidates interested, the annual election meeting will be held in the Spring term and is open to all members to elect the Board of Directors/Officers for the coming year.
  2. There will be regular monthly meetings of the Board of Directors with time and place to be set by the Board. If a member expresses interest, board meetings are open to the full membership.
  3. The board, the President or three active members may call special meetings of the playground. Notice of intent must be given to the Board with enough time to allow all members to be informed of the meeting one week in advance.
  4. Quorum at any meeting shall consist of at least five Board members and issues shall be decided by majority vote.

Article V

Board of Directors/Officers

Section 1: Positions

The Board of Directors/Officers of the corporation shall consist of the Officers of the playground as follows:


Calendar Coordinator


Treasurer/Financial Manager

Site Manager

Communications Coordinator


Fundraising/Volunteer Coordinator

Section 2: Powers and Duties

Officers of the playground shall, unless otherwise provided by the Board of Directors, each have such powers and duties as may be set forth in these Bylaws, or may from time to time be specifically granted or imposed by the Board of Directors. Officers may appoint an assistant or co-chair position. The President shall be the chief executive officer of the playground.

Section 3: Committees

If approved by the Board of Directors, there will be six standing committees of the Board of Directors. One adult from each member family shall be on one of the committees. The Officers will chair the committees as follows:

Calendar Coordinator Duties- scheduling and monitoring opening/closing duties

Secretary- registration and telephone tree

Site Manager- toy purchase and inventory, maintenance, and repair; age appropriate events

Communications Coordinator- newsletter (if the Board of Directors approve)

PR/Marketing- promoting Tiny Tots

Events planning- helping to coordinate activities for Tiny Tots events and fundraisers if necessary.

Section 4: Elections

  1. The Board shall solicit nominations from the general membership for Board positions.
  2. The Officers shall assume their duties in August and serve for one year.
  3. Mid-year vacancies shall be filled by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.

Article VI

Books and Records

Section 1: Books and Records

Current and complete records of account and minutes of proceedings shall be kept. Membership records and books may be inspected by members upon request.

Section 2: Monies

All monies will be kept in checking, savings, or Certificate of Deposit accounts in a local bank. Records of transactions, budget and checkbook related materials will be kept by the Finance Manager. An internal audit  (review of finances) will occur at the end of each fiscal year.

Article VII


Section 1: Amendments to Bylaws

Bylaws may be altered, amended, or repealed, and new bylaws may be adopted by majority of the members present at any regular or special meeting if one week’s notice has been given of intention to alter, amend, repeal, or adopt new bylaws at such meeting.

First Amendment

Evening playground hours are designated “Family Nights.” From 4PM to 7PM, children older than 5 who have member siblings may use the playground with adult supervision.

Second Amendment

Current members in good standing who have children entering kindergarten may continue to be eligible for that school year, regardless of date of birth.

Third Amendment

Member families may include up to two extra children. A liability waiver signed by the child’s guardian must be on file. If applicable, a fee for each extra child may be determined by the Board of Directors. The guardian is not a member of Tiny Tots, therefore does no duties, serves on no committees, and does not have access to the playground.