Shamanic Journeying: Queer Consciousness and the Spiritual Quest, With Ancient Roots Massage’s Shelia

Explore shamanic journeying and the internal landscapes of your Spiritual Self. In many of our cultures, before the arrival of Europeans, queer or “two-spirited” people were seen as carrying special gifts from the Creator. Queer people held the honored roles of healers, visionaries/seers and medicine people and leaders of their communities. In this workshop, we will relax into a meditative journey with the beat of the shamanic drum and return with tools and symbols to help us in our everyday world.

Our Liberation! Using Interactive Theatre to Untangle Oppression, With OutNow

Our Liberation! is presented by QuEST, a multi-generational project of Out Now. Our Liberation! is an interactive theater-based workshop centered on audience participation and community dialogue. Through the skits that we present, we hope to collectively create solutions and real-life tools to everyday instances of oppression - from racism to sexism to ableism to transphobia.

This is not a weapon: A conversation about queerness in the Bible, With BRAGLY’s Missy

Have you ever had someone quote scripture at you as a weapon against who you are? In this workshop, we’ll talk about the scriptures that have been hurled at you – what they really mean, the context around them, and what to do when someone uses the Bible as a weapon. This is a discussion that is open to anyone, regardless of your religious and spiritual beliefs.

Masc or Fem? Buch or Lipstick?: Hypersexuality in the Queer community, With HERA Peer Leader Anthony

Looking at hyper sexuality in the gay and lesbian scene.   We will talk about be media's depiction of Gays and Lesbians, stereotypes and gay 'lingo'. This is a discussion lead workshop and everyone is encouraged to share their experiences/opinions.

Femulate:The Art of Becoming Womanly, With Crossdressing Expert Stana

To “femulate” is to emulate a female. This workshop will assist male-to-female crossdressers in the art of becoming womanly and ultimately, to femulate successfully. (Successful femulation is the ability to emulate a female so well that the femulator is accepted, that is, she “passes” in society as a female.

BAGLY’s Speaker’s Bureau Training (for two sessions from 2-4), With BAGLY’s Aaron

Become an official member of BAGLY's speakers bureau (fabulous addition to your resume' or college application)!  Throughout this workshop and trainings you will learn to communicate effectively in a variety of situations, particularly in front of an audience. In addition to learning public speaking techniques such as overcoming stage fright, you will learn how to connect with an audience on an emotional level to inspire them to take action. You'll have the opportunity to practice the skills you learn by attending speaking engagements at area high schools and universities. For each speaking engagement you attend through BAGLY's Speaker's Bureau you will be rewarded a stipend of $50.

G3, With HERA Peer Leader Anthony

Gay Group Games! Come join us for some fun group games that will have you moving grooving and battling to make it to the end!  

*If you attend this workshop you are expected to participate fully in all games! For your own good!!*

Write What you Feel: Queer Poetry, With HERA Peer Leaders Barbara and Nikki  

Anyone can be a writer and everyone has important things to say! Join us in expressing yourself with the written word through fun and interactive exercises. Spelling never counts!

PFLAG Coming Out: Gabe Peeples College Grad, Chaya Radin teacher at Mass Bay, and Renee

They will share their own experiences and create space for open dialogue for all to participate

Gen Q Presents: Revamping the Gender Perspective, With the Gen Q Peer Leaders

Come join a local LGBTQ youth group, Generation Q/T.R.E.E., in a workshop on understanding the gender spectrum and where you fall! Using our understanding(s) of stereotypes and playing with gender expression, we will explore and learn about gender identities in a fun and interactive way.