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Rainbow Origins Invitation, May 9th, 2017
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Rainbow Origins Project

Henry the Fiddler,, 303-910-0194

May 9th, 2017


Garrick in Council & White Buffalo, Granby


Howdy.  This is about passing on memories and info about the origins of Rainbow to future generations.  They will want to know.  We need to do this now, while we still can.  I’m writing to invite your participation in this project.  One way is to come HOME this July to our 46th Annual Gathering in Oregon.  If you can’t make it you can make a home video.

We started this last year in Vermont when Medicine Story came home at age 86.  He was joined by a dozen other “Earlies” (elders/olders/originals) who all shared their memories from the Vortex/Granby era.  A 5 hour video was made which you can watch on YouTube (link below).  Since we were on the east coast many of our west coast Family were not present to speak so we will have “Round Two” on July 3d, 1 PM at G-Funk.  Join us!

For those who can’t make it HOME, the alternative is to make a video wherever you are.  All these videos (last year, this year & home made) will then be put on YouTube and made available to anyone with video editing skills.  Since we will have dozens of hours, I foresee several edited documentaries coming out over time.  Our immediate task is to record our memories.  NOW is the time, while we still can!

I need to get some idea of who will be with us on the land this July.  Please contact via Facebook Messenger, email or call (afternoon & evening best).  <<Henry>>, 303-910-0194  

The list:


What to Share in Your Video Memory

Whether you’re with us on July 3d or make a home video, the guidelines are similar.  The big difference will be length.  Last year we had some people who spoke for 5 minutes and one who spoke over an hour.  This year we will have to pace ourselves based on the number of speakers who show up.  If you’re going to make a home video you can talk as long as you want … no time limit!  And if we have limited time at G-Funk on the 3d, you’ll be able to make additional video either later during the Gathering or after you return home.  Home videos should be made in a natural setting if possible (yard, park).

What to share?  Think about what future generations of Rainbows might like to know.  The sky’s the limit.  Share your personal experience of Rainbow.  This is NOT limited to 1972 Granby.  Even if you were not at Granby but have knowledge of (but not limited to) Vietnam, the Haight, Summer of Love, Woodstock, Wheelers, Morningstar, Rainbow Farm, Marblemount, Vortex … really anything that contributed to the origins of Rainbow, that is what needs to be passed forward.

Another good thing to do to prepare is to watch some or all of last year’s video (below).  You can see what other people talked about and the format.  This year will be a continuation from where we left off last year.

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Ways to Participate, R.S.V.P.!!!

I need to get an idea of how many of you will be speaking on July 3d.  I’ll make a flyer that will be used to get the word out similar to last year’s (see below).  Here are the ways you can participate or opt out if you wish.  Please see where you fit and let me know.

1.  I’ll be there on the 3d and feel free to use my name and picture in the flyer.

2.  I’ll be there on the 3d but do not use my name or picture in the flyer.

3.  I’ll be at the Gathering but elevation or other concerns might prevent me from speaking on the 3d.  Put me down as a maybe.

4.  I’ll be at the Gathering but won’t be able to speak on the 3d.  I would be happy to make a video at another time during the Gathering.

5.  I won’t be at the Gathering but will make a home video.

6.  I’m not going to make a video but would like to stay informed about the outcome of all this, so keep me on the list.

7.  I’m not interested.  Please take me off the list and don’t contact me again.

8.  Other … maybe some combination of the above, or what do you have in mind?

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Lost List, Please Help Contact!

This is a list of Family (in no particular order) believed to have been at Granby or involved in Rainbow origins.  Please help contact them.

These 2 brothers are in last year’s video from Vermont.  I would like to contact them but don’t know how.  You can see them speaking in the video (below) at the times shown.

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Who’s Filming On July 3d?

Last year we were fortunate to have Jon Kalafer who filmed We Love You (2008 Wyoming).  We also had Angel Forest and Thomas McLeod.  I know all of them are trying their best to make it but I don’t have firm commitments, so anyone with good equipment is invited to film.

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Last Year’s Video In Vermont

To watch the full 5 hr 20 min video from July 3d, 2016 in Vermont, click: Rainbow Earlies Share Hipstories at Gfunk. 


Medicine Story and Barry Plunker

This is the video Jon Kalafer made and uploaded unedited.  Watching at least some of this may give you ideas about what to share.

Here’s last year’s flyer.  I’ll be doing something similar this year to get the word out both in camp and online.  This year we’ll start earlier around 1 PM to give us a little more time.  If you’ll be speaking, let me know if I can put your name and picture on the flyer.

Since this video is so long, I made a list of timings that can be used to skip around quickly.


   0:00:00, opening, I request a feather

   0:00:22, Barry, comments about mike/amp

   0:02:47, Story, Organic Valley, George Siemon

   0:04:25, Glow, comments

   0:05:37, Barry & Story, talks about T-Shirt, Christiania

   0:09:17, Barry, pre warmup comments, origin stories

   0:12:04, Henry, water and Tenali

   0:13:01, Barry, pre warmup comments, plays with Mike

   0:14:32, Barry, creed and culture, spying

   0:24:12, Henry, water, Fee-Das, misc stuff

   0:27:13, Feather, pre-show comments, Grandfather David

   0:36:38, Story, on Thich Nhat Hanh

   0:37:47, Glow, ready to start, OM

   0:41:08, Henry, introduction

   0:45:18, Glow, introduction, July 5th, Anti-War Movement

   0:47:13, Story, segment

   1:19:41, Story, mentions Swami Mommy

   1:29:08, Barry, Gigi segment

   1:30:04, Cat, tries to speak about 73 + Feather adjusts mike

   1:32:11, Feather, segment

   2:06:02, Garrick, segment

   2:36:54, Cat, segment

   2:41:56, Fantuzzi, segment

   2:57:08, ijoe, segment

   3:08:24, Barry, interim comments

   3:09:24, Barry, introduces Glow

   3:10:08, Glow, segment

   3:15:26, Scotty, segment

   3:26:25, Red Seattle, segment, Ahikam/Essential

   3:32:48, Ray, segment, Gaskin farm

   3:36:56, Avocado Slim (Nico), segment

   3:39:29, Diamond Dave, segment, Barry introduction

   3:44:46, white horse

   3:48:35, Garrick, Blue Corn, stories matter

   3:50:10, Marty Levin, talks about Love kitchen

   3:55:07, mentions Love Camp, they were full of Love

   3:59:04, Barry, segment

   4:43:49, "my old partner named Harold Williams with me ..."

   4:44:24, "Harold's a veteran"

   4:45:43, "take my brother Harold"

   4:51:19, "me and my old partner Harold got up there"

   4:54:14, "my old partner Harold and me"

   4:58:23, "when I run into old partner Harold"

   5:13:06, Story, final circle segment

   5:19:29, ends

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Action Time!

We’re going to have a great Gathering.  Use Facebook Messenger, email or call (afternoon & evening best).  <<Henry>>, 303-910-0194

Medicine Story, Granby