Agenda: No formal agenda presented.

Attendees: BD, AJ, MK, DH, GS, NM, TK, RL

RL: just go ahead, not use EV4 for DAQ

NM: sequence of multi-D array instead of big one

BD: sequence not resolve yet still

AI: BD, 2 weeks from today, our 6-beamlines use cases, including intention of sequence of tiling data, and manage of spatial data

TK: also able to capture some inputs from SwissFEL


======next topic======

BD: next release

TK: AJ is in charge of next release :)   AJ wanted to discuss various things, but with 2 new computers and no working microphone he’ll have to revert to doing that by email.

(AJ: shakes head, yes)

NM: problem to compile, need to use pvDataCPP for release, and pvAccessCPP, not pvDataCPP-md. *-md has contribution from MD

NM: need to use pvDataCPP-md

AI: AJ to put out a message to mail-list

MD: any outstanding issue, or just waiting for next release?


NM: new archiver

DH: local copy

AI: DH, push latest copy as -dh, request by NM

====next topic: MD vs MK =====

AI: MK to address Marty’s comments by next meeting

MK: shared vector is pretty good. Look message sent this morning (June/18, 2013)

MD: not get chance yet

BD: any other issues?

TK: sf updating, moving away from sf?

RL: seems ok to repo self, replacing web view with new crap, does not have functionalaty with hg browser, tried installing original hg-browser, need python module to run it, no-useable hg browser on sf, not complete give up yet, but kind of.

RL: move away from sf is good, but too much of work.

RL: git-hub web is entirely different

NM: sf supports MySQL. Like it.

BD: request by AJ, who should finish before next release?

BD: is anyone done here?

RL: No. Depends. Sort of work on pvaSrv

NM: Does pvaSrv still depends on pvIOCCPP?

RL: Yes

MK: SHould not since MS clean it

TH: recently?

MK: done last week

MK: send message to RL, MS, AJ, and cc mail-list

RL: work on the old, which means no manual test. Need to make sure everything is present before next release

BD: MK, is there anything waiting for release?


BD: RL, when are you going to finish?

RL: can done anytime. Was not expecting changes in pvIOCCPP last day,

BD: MS is not finished now,

RL: moving back is not small.

BD: proposal: change not committed by tomorrow, the release is not needed.

RL: one more thing about pvaSrv. Has to start manually from command line. Planning to add the ioc to start automatically.

MD: need a way to start manually.

RL: still have environment to start it manually, and stop/start it manually.

BD: GS has a model/lattice

AI: GS send TK a brief doc for lattice/model service.