Fandom High Character Directory: How To Use It

Existing Views

The following views have been pre-created for you, so you can click the link and go directly to them:

You can also get to those views within the spreadsheet by going to the Data menu and scrolling down to "Filter Views."

To Sort And Filter As You Like

If you'd like to sort or filter by other combinations, you can go to the Main Spreadsheet and do one of two things:

  1. From the File menu, scroll down to "Download as" and save a copy to your desktop, which you can manipulate any way you like in Excel or another spreadsheet program. Just keep in mind that it will only be accurate as of the date you downloaded it, and won't show any later changes to the Directory.

  1. On the locked "MAIN" tab at the bottom of the sheet, click the menu arrow and choose "Duplicate" from the list. This will create a second, unlocked, tab that you can sort and filter as you desire.

    If you choose this option, please delete the duplicate tab (using the menu arrow on that tab) when you're finished. Duplicate tabs will be deleted by the game admins if they exist for longer than a day.

Other Notes

If a character's row is highlighted with a background color, it's just a note from the admin team to ourselves that some of the listed info will need to be updated soon, but the change isn't effective yet. So please ignore those! They're only there to help us keep the listings as accurate as possible for you.