General Body Meeting


9:00PM-12:00AM, Benjamin Franklin Room, Houston Hall

  1. Roll Call
  2. Open Forum
  3. Reports
  1. President’s Report
  1. Administrator Meetings
  1. Executive Vice President Craig Carnaroli
  2. Provost Vincent Price
  3. Student Registration and Financial Services
  4. Penn Athletics
  5. Cultural & Resource Center Directors
  6. VPUL Communications
  1. Student Group Meetings
  1. Actively Moving Forward
  2. Penn Benjamins
  3. Interfraternity Council
  1. Vice-President’s Report
  1. UA Steering
  2. Past University Council
  3. UC Flex Seat
  1. UA Report
  1. Cabinet
  2. New Member Education
  3. Welcoming Our New Member
  4. Plans Over the Summer
  5. Associate Members
  6. Committee Name Change
  1. Treasurer’s Report
  1. Students for Justice in Palestine Contingency Request
  2. Budget and Finance Committee Elections
  1. Secretary’s Report
  1. Penn Labs Meeting
  2. Bios for Website
  1. Executive
  1. Discussion Papers
  1.  Mental Health Policy and Programming Working Group Event
  1. New Business
  1. Confirmation of Speaker Pro Tempore
  1. Academic Initiatives
  2. Dining, Sustainability and Facilities
  3. Social Justice
  1. Project Updates
  1. PVP Student Advisory Board Meeting
  1. Student Life
  2. Communications


President’s Report

  1. Administrator Meetings
  1. Executive Vice President Craig Carnaroli
  1. On Friday, 4/22, Exec met with EVP Craig Carnaroli, EVP Executive Office Director Tony Sorrentino, and Associate Vice Provost for Student Affairs Karu Kozuma. We discussed tuition and other costs, single semester mental health leave, performing arts spaces, student group membership selection and competition, international student space at Perry World House, expanding resources at CAPS, and veterans’ resources.

We raised the topic of how the administration could help professors be more cost-conscious when assigning course materials. The administration is having a summit in May to discuss expanding resources for first generation and low-income students. Karu asked me to submit a one-page paper with suggestions for how course materials and other costs could be lowered for presentation at the summit. Sola and I are also going to suggest that University Council assess and analyze undergraduate tuition costs as one of their charges for the 2016-2017 academic year.

The EVP’s office is supportive of students’ efforts to lower costs associated with renting out spaces in Pottruck for performing arts practices. Over the course of this summer they are going to collect a list of all of the practice spaces available for performing arts groups on campus. Once we have that information we can evaluate what the most pressing needs are.

Craig was supportive of giving international student groups priority when reserving the innovative seminar classroom space in Perry World House after class hours. His office also supported connecting and improving resources for veterans—both domestic and international—in part by partnering with the Veterans Affairs hospital near campus.

Finally, the EVP’s office and other administrators were shocked to hear reports that many student clubs require applications and interviews of their members. The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) is going to work on programming for the next academic year that will help groups make sure that their selection processes are fair.

  1. Provost Vincent Price
  1. On Friday, 4/22, Exec met with Provost Price, Vice Provost for Education Beth Winkelstein, Executive Director for Education and Academic Planning Rob Nelson, and Associate Vice Provost for Student Affairs Karu Kozuma. We discussed single semester mental health leave, financial aid and mental health, bereavement policy, costs of attendance (including course material costs), and expanding resources at CAPS.

The Provost’s Office was particularly interested in working with faculty to make sure that they are conscious of the costs students face when taking their classes. They are also planning to develop a website that aggregates resources for students who experience a loss in their close family, in partnership with Actively Moving Forward.

The Provost told us that Penn plans to expand resources related to student mental wellness, including at CAPS. I asked if they could provide funding to Penn Wellness-- the umbrella group for mental-health related groups on campus-- similar to how Green Campus Partnership provides funding to the Student Sustainability Association for its constituents. They seemed very responsive to this initiative. The Provost also agreed to explore single-semester mental health leave with the Deans of the different undergraduate schools, which each set their own policies.

  1. Student Registration and Financial Services
  1. Exec and members of SCUE met with administrators from student registration and financial services on 4/13. We discussed having financial aid cover costs associated with non-traditional course costs, like nurses’ clinical travel costs. SRFS was supportive of working with the nursing school on this initiative and is open to working with other schools and departments if there are similar needs elsewhere.

We also brought up the issue that there seems to be a misconception among some students that their financial aid awards are lost if their GPA falls below a 2.0. SRFS clarified that if a student’s semester GPA is below 2.0 his or her financial aid is not affected at all, but that this does trigger a process in which the student and his or her school work together to create a plan for academic improvement. SRFS is going to work with the UA and SCUE to raise awareness of this policy among both students and their parents.

  1. Penn Athletics
  1. On 4/19 I met with Roger Reina, Penn Athletics’ Senior Associate Director of External Affairs, Josh Craggs, Director of Marketing and New Media, and Kassy McAloon, Marketing and New Media Manager. Representatives from the Senior, Junior, and Sophomore Class Boards were also there. We discussed initiatives to increase school spirit and student turnout at home athletic events.

I suggested that emails from Penn Athletics marketing specific games start with a message from an athlete from that team in order to feel more personal. The Class Board reps recommended that Athletics sponsor more tailgating events similar to the one held in Moravian Court (behind Doc Macgrogan’s) before the Parents’ Weekend football game. Class Boards often host events with alcohol in which registered bouncers check students’ IDs, and then students over 21 are allowed to have one or two free drinks. We think that this model could be carried over to official Athletics tailgates and will work with Athletics and the Office of Alcohol and Other Drugs to see if this can be implemented before next fall’s football season.

We also discussed how athletes can become more integrated into the overall Penn community. I suggested that Athletics push the fall SAC Activities fair to freshman athletes so that they have get exposure to non-athletics related clubs early in their academic careers. Jeremy Cohen, SAC Chair, is going to work with Athletics on this.

  1. Cultural and Resource Center Directors
  1. Valerie de Cruz, Director of the Greenfield Intercultural Center, suggested that the UA President meet with the university’s cultural center directors at the beginning of his or her term. I reached out to Valerie and the directors of the LGBT Center, the Women’s Center, PAACH, Makuu, La Casa Latin@, and Civic House and am working to meet with them all before the semester ends.
  1. VPUL Communications
  1. On Friday, 4/13 Jane Meyer and I met with Monica Yant Kinney, VPUL’s Executive Director of Communications and External Affairs. We gave feedback on the university’s communication with students after Olivia Kong’s death and offered suggestions for how Penn can make its communication after campus tragedies more clear and sensitive. The University cannot call a death a suicide until the Medical Examiner’s office makes an official determination. We asked Monica to make sure that in the future Penn doesn’t suggest that a death is accidental unless the Medical Examiner rules a death as an accident. Ben Bolnick of Penn Wellness has also been working with VPUL Communications on these issues over the past few weeks. Penn Wellness organized a post-tragedy communication working group that any student can join. For more information, check out
  1. Student Group Meetings
  1. Actively Moving Forward
  1. I met with Drisana Hughes, Pat Zancolli and Melanie Wolff of Actively Moving Forward, a student-run grief support group. They are working on initiatives to improve a student’s experience after going through a loss in his or her immediate family while an undergraduate at Penn. One of their projects, which Rob Nelson of the Provost’s Office is helping with, is creating a website that lists resources and next steps for students who experience a loss. They also want to standardize the university’s policies regarding how many classes a student is allowed to miss while grieving, whether or not assignments and exams can be pushed back, and others like that.
  1. Penn Benjamins
  1. Michelle and I both independently met with Roy Lan, Director and co-founder of Penn Benjamins, a peer-to-peer support group on campus. Penn Ben’s has expanded rapidly in the past two semesters and is looking for long-term funding and a private space on campus where they can hold their nightly sessions.
  1. Interfraternity Council
  1. On 4/6 I met with Steve Acchione, Executive Vice President of the Interfraternity Council (IFC) and Tadas Antanavicius, co-founder and President of the Greek honor society Omega to discuss initiatives that IFC is planning for next year. They want to explore how unregistered organizations’ access to off-campus real estate affects both those groups and registered Greek organizations. They also want to make sure that new students understand the differences between joining registered and unregistered groups.

Vice-President’s Report

  1. UA Steering
  1. Last Tuesday, I ran my first UA Steering as Vice President. Instead of having an admin at the meeting, I used the time introducing and explaining various funding sources on campus for clubs regardless of whether or not it is SAC-recognized. Kat presented on the common funding application and different ways in which on-campus funding can be accessed. I also gathered input on suggestions for the structure of Steering for next year and admin preferences. I will be meeting with most if not all Steering groups this upcoming week.
  1. Past University Council
  1. Last Wednesday, I attended University Council as an observer at Bodek Lounge. As it was the last UC meeting of the year, the six committees gave their final report for the progress of their year and offered relevant recommendations.  There were also suggestions for Focus Issues for UC for the next school year.
  1. UC Flex Seat
  1. Kat and I met with the Chair and Political Chair of APSC to address their concerns about their denial of an NEC-appointed UC seat. We also met with the outgoing NEC executive board to discuss possible solutions to ensure that all four undergraduate schools are represented on UC. Any further progress will be postponed until the NEC elects their new board tonight.

UA Report

  1. Cabinet
  1. The new cabinet is:
  1. New Member Education
  1. New member education was offered at 7:00 PM this Sunday before the GBM.
  1. Welcoming Our New Member
  1. We are sad to see that Andrew Gegios has decided to relinquish his seat on the UA for personal reasons. Andrew has been a valuable, dedicated member to the UA in previous sessions. We now welcome the new member to the body, Aaron Litchman, as a Wharton Representative.
  1. Plans Over the Summer
  1. This summer is a great opportunity for the UA to get started on working for the next session. The Executive Board will be in continual communication over the summer. Committee Directors will be in contact with committee members over the summer about project ideas.
  1. Associate Members
  1. As specified by our bylaws, it is the Speaker’s responsibility to manage the Associate Member process. I have decided to send out applications in the beginning of the Fall semester.
  1. Committee Name Change
  1. The committee Academic Affairs will now be re-named Academic Initiatives.

Treasurer’s Report

  1. Penn Students for Justice in Palestine’s A Night of Comedy with Amer Zahr Contingency Request

Amount requested: $397.00

Treasurer recommendation: $397.00

  1. Penn Students for Justice in Palestine is requesting $397.00 to help cover the remainder of Amer Zahr’s $2000.00 lump sum fee (including honorarium, travel, and hotel accommodation). Mr. Zahr, a comedian and adjust professor at the University of Detroit Mercy Law School, is the keynote speaker for Penn Students for Justice in Palestine’s first annual Israeli Apartheid Week. He will speak on Friday, April 22nd. In addition to performing a comedy skit on Palestine and being Palestinian-American, Mr. Zahr will host a follow-up Q&A discussion. All portions of the event are free and open to the entire Penn undergraduate community.  Given the timing of this contingency request, we had to do an emergency executive vote.  It follows all of the contingency guidelines and as a result, we voted to fund in full (5-0).

A Night of Comedy with Amer Zahr Costs



Amount funded

Funding source

Lump sum fee (Honorarium, travel, and hotel accommodation)


SPEC-Trum: $403.00

SPEC Fully Planned: $1000.00

United Minorities Council: $200.00

  1. Budget and Finance Committee Elections
  1. Budget committee elections will be held during our first GBM in the fall semester.  This committee consists of the treasurer and two UA members.

Secretary’s Report

  1. Penn Labs Meeting
  1. I am looking to have a Penn Labs meeting sometime before the semester ends.
  1. Bios for Website
  1. Please start sending me your bios so I can update them on the website. If you are a new member, please submit a bio if you wish to have it on the website. For re-elected members, you can choose to keep the current one or send me an updated one.


Discussion Papers

Mental Health Policy and Programming Working Group Event

Authored by: Kat McKay



In light of Olivia’s tragic death two weeks ago, Colin Henderson, President of the DP, approached me about co-hosting an open mental health forum. The intention of the event is to provide a space for students to discuss their experiences with mental health policies at Penn, Penn’s culture, and ways the school and students can work to improve mental wellness on campus. On Friday (4/22) I met with Colin, Ben Bolnick, Chair of Penn Wellness, Lauren Feiner, Editor-in-Chief of the DP, and Courtney Dombroski, Harnwell House Dean, to discuss the format and logistics of the event. Sophie Phillips, a friend of Olivia’s and one of the authors of the petition calling for changes in Penn’s mental health policies, has also been involved in planning the event.

The event, which is tentatively titled How Can I Help: A Mental Health Public Working Group, is going to be held in the Harnwell rooftop lounge on Friday, 4/29 from 4:00-6:00pm or 4:00-5:30pm. Harnwell is funding catering from Corner Bakery. The DP, the UA, and Penn Wellness don’t have to cover any additional costs.


This is the tentative event description:

“Frustrated by mental health at Penn? Want to take action but unsure how to help? Join Penn Wellness, the DP and the UA at How Can I Help: A Mental Health Public Working Group.


We will first discuss mental health at Penn - the nitty gritty of what goes on behind the scenes, why things happen the way they happen, and why things are the way they are. We will then present several ongoing initiatives, projects and policy changes, and we will open the floor for anyone to present new ideas. Lastly, the majority of the meeting will involve you joining one of the ongoing or new initiatives and developing it together with the working group.

 Bring your laptop, we have a lot to do.”

The event’s organizers are going to invite Penn administrators and staff who work in offices or fields related to the topics we are discussing. This way administrators can help dispel misconceptions about Penn’s resources, and also hear feedback directly from students. We plan to invite professors who specialize in psychology and experts in the medical field who focus on depression, anxiety, stress, and mental health to give their input. We are also going to reach out to student groups and market on Facebook. The DP agreed to run print ads for the event for free.

The DP reached out to University Chaplain Chaz Howard to see if he would moderate the discussion portion of the event. If he’s unavailable Ben Bolnick will serve as moderator.

If you are interested in being involved in planning or marketing this event, please let me know. It would be phenomenal for UA members to come out and hear what our classmates have to say.



Discussion questions

1.     Should the UA be a formal co-sponsor of this event?

2.     Are there any specific administrators or professors you suggest we invite?

New Business

Confirmation of Speaker Pro Tempore

Authored by Travis Shingledecker

According to the UA Bylaws, Section II Article 21: “By the end of the first meeting held after their election the Speaker shall appoint, with the advice and consent of the UA, a Speaker Pro Tempore who shall assist the Speaker and chair meetings of the UA in the absence of the Speaker.” Speaker Pro Tempore is a Cabinet-level position who works closely with the Speaker in helping with the Speaker’s education initiatives, supporting the directors, and performing other tasks alongside. The Speaker Pro Tempore also fills in for the Speaker in the case that the Speaker is unable to execute his responsibilities.

All of the applicants who applied for the position were well-qualified, competent, and enthusiastic in supporting the UA. The Executive Board has decided to appoint Eric Tepper as Speaker Pro Tempore. Eric has been a dedicated member to the body and has had a diverse set of experiences working for the body over the years. We are confident that he will continue to serve the body judiciously as the Speaker Pro Tempore.


The Undergraduate Assembly hereby:

  1. Confirms the appointment of Eric Tepper as Speaker Pro Tempore, and
  2. Expresses its confidence in his ability to support the body throughout his tenure.

Academic Initiatives

Dining, Sustainability, and Facilities

Social Justice

Project Updates

PVP Student Advisory Board Meeting

Authored by Travis Shingledecker

I met with the PVP Student Advisory Board. We talked about work that member groups have been relating to interpersonal violence as well as possible initiatives for the upcoming year.

Student Life


  1. Roll Call
  2. Open Forum
  3. Reports
  1. President’s Report-  
  1. Administrator Meetings
  1. Executive Vice President Craig Carnaroli
  1. Kat- Jane meyer had set up the meeting for the last UA. So the meeting included new exec and old cabinet but from old exec, there was only Jane. We met with Craig Carnaroli, Tony Sorrentino and Karu. We brought up single semester leave, tuition increases, performing arts space, and International space at Perry world house was brought up as well. Craig was frustrated at the idea of paying for Pottruck and that even if you are paying loss, you need to figure something out. School will essentially put money towards CAPS and want to serve the student body. We wanted to know if the world house could be a space for international student groups to meet, and if they can get priority, they thought it was a good idea and we will meet with them. They know tuition is very high. Between the last time we met, I didn’t have much new information as tuition hasn’t changed. Over the summer,  we will think about how can we put pressure to admin. We talked about course material are expensive and Karu mentioned that there is a summit happening in May with many admin offices coming together to discuss 1st generation students and told me to write up one page. Professor can do through canvas  If you have an idea let me know.
  1. Provost Vincent Price
  1. Kat- They were willing to talk about it but their concern was that when students take a single semester it might disturb the course sequence, which makes it harder to graduate.. We were just throwing ideas out there, we will have more concrete ideas next time. They are happy to talk to  professors about what they can’t do. Actively Moving Forward brought up bereavement policy and they are working to make that better at Penn and so we talked about that. Provost office is working to make a website about this policy and working with students who face a loss. If you go below 2.0 GPA it triggers a process to work towards how it can improve. We talked about improving communication to students and parents and explain that going below 2.0 will not let go of aid. We brought up the idea of Penn wellness funding. I brought up the model of how Green Campus Partnership gives 5k to Students Sustainability Association. They don’t have funding of their own yet. It would make sense for VPUL to give funding outside of what SAC funds and they were receptive of that.
  1. Student Registration and Financial Services        
  1. Kat-This was also meant for the old leadership. We talked about Leah’s project about the cost of clinicals to be covered because that is a cost that students face. They were receptive and asked for a contact in the nursing school. We talked about the 2.0 GPA and they were very concerned to hear that  people might be misinformed about the policy. They want to work with us to make sure right information is out.
  1. Penn Athletics
  1. Kat-I met with marketing people and class board. We talked about ways to boost spirit and attendance at games. People might not know captains of sport teams, so we suggested that emails should be personalized from captains of sports teams to build a connection between both students and teams. We also talked about tailgates and people are very interested on Shoemaker Green and it has been challenging for athletics to get permission to use space and serve alcohol. We suggested that the class boards hold events which have wristbands and and you can get 2 drinks and that there would be bouncers like at a fraternity. One other thing to think about is how to get athletes in the community.  Also, there is going to a relationship between SAC and athletics
  1. Cultural & Resource Center Directors
  1. Kat-Val Cruz told Katie Bonner that it would be a good idea for UA President to reach out to directors to meet with them. So I am trying to meet with them before the year ends.
  1. VPUL Communications
  1. Kat- Monica Yant Kinney, Jane and I met with her and we talked about how the University’s  communication regarding the suicide came across as insensitive. Many people thought that the university was covering it up.. The truth was that they can’t give details until examiner rules it as a suicide. We suggested that they be more transparent so that students are aware of the situation. Ben Bolnick, is starting a group that  is working on improve communication after something like this happens.
  1. Student Group Meetings
  1. Actively Moving Forward
  1. Kat-They are looking to standardize the way students interacts with administrators after death. It is hard to figure out grieving process of Penn and find out what resources are available to students. They mentioned that it was inconsistent who they reached out to and they reached out to different people. Everyone they reach out to is not equally trained to respond to this. They wanted to make college advisor the point person so they can be the same for everyone. And you have them before the year starts.
  1. Penn Benjamins
  1. Kat-Students go through a semester of training. And they basically serve as therapists. This group is looking for 60 students. They are looking for a way to get funding. I think if Penn Wellness gets money this group can get money from Penn Wellness. The cost of food is also something that many clubs don’t cover Also they need help looking for a space on campus that is accessible but also private. Weigel does not really have privacy. That is a good project for next year.
  1. Interfraternity Council
  1. Kat-I met with Executive Vice President of IFC and Tadus, President of Omega . They wanted to look at how off-campus leases affect registered and unregistered groups. They are also looking into how the location affects the organizations and they want to emphasize to new students the difference between joining registered and unregistered group.
  1. Questions
  1.  Tunmise- You mentioned that in meeting with Craig, you discussed tuition? Did you discuss 3.9% increase?
  1. Kat-It gets more expensive every year. I want to get more information on this. I want to see how we can galvanize support to show that it is just not me, but the student body that is concerned.
  1. Justin- Tailgating great idea. An idea is to have links to list readings online?
  1. Kat-Some are privacy protected, but some are not and i will include that in my report
  1. Justin- Why doesn’t SAC fund food?
  1. Kat-Money would run out very quickly
  1. Sam- sfsr-advisors- they should know to know first. Who funds Penn Benjamins?
  1. Kat- CAPS
  1. Ian-  Professors can go to campus copy and upload instead of handing out copies. Many times they don't know how to use. We should teach them. Tution-was housing discussed?
  1. Kat-on campus housing model changed this year. DSF director would usually work on. We didn’t have substance because this meeting is not supposed to happen right now with new UA. We should have numbers/stats for the next meeting we have with them.
  1. Kaylee- When you meant VPUL, did they Wharton email mention her name and school email didn’t put her name in it?
  1. Kat-Wharton was written by VPUL and school was sent by amy’s office. There was a lack of communication. This is what the working group is going to try to address. There is an Emergency Response Team that basically works to respond to the tragedy, and Amy Gutmann was not in that group.
  1. Tonna- We hear that a lot expanding a lot, but what does that mean?
  1. Kat-They have expanded hours at CAPS. They opened on Saturday
  1. Tonna- Is there a way for student input
  1. Kat-There is a student’s advisory board and we should look into having a seat if we don’t.
  1. Tonna- Have we looked into other peer schools and see how they are boosting school spirit?        
  1. Kat-We talked a little about other schools, Cornell’s hockey is doing well, but they are doing well. One of the best ways is for the team to do well. Red and Blue Crew is going to work on how we can go about doing this. We can give them feedback
  1. Tonna- Do you plan to meet with them individually or collectively and what is the point of the meeting.
  1. Kat-I will be meeting with them individually. They never had any relationship with past presidents and that it can only be good.
  1. Tonna- was the university involved in vigil?
  1. Kat-The university can’t choose to have a vigil until family chooses to have a vigil. The school had not gotten confirmation and the student set one up. The university had to choose between you can’t have vigil, have vigil unofficially, or help and provide resources for vigil. They decide to be involved
  1. Tonna- Has the Actively Moving Forward group thought about partnering with CAPS so that CAPS can serve as headquarters and can assist them in talking to advisor because that would be a good idea
  1. Kat- That sounds good
  1. Tonna -Penn Benjamins -what funding options?
  1. Kat-The challenge is that 2 groups give budget for year: UA and SAC. Other groups are on per-event basis. T-change funds, but not appropriate funding source because it does not meet vision. They tell director of CAPS and then he informally deals with it. We can look into putting it in the UA budget. Food it makes most sense to get money from VPUL
  1. Riad- I talked to director of engineering, and  parents play a very big role in how the school communicates and we underestimate their role. Tonna mentioned how we are increasing funding. We should also think about what else can be done besides putting money.
  1. Kat- there is a discussion paper so we can address that there. This event is a forum about changing culture.
  1. Riad- The argument about course sequence is a very weak argument. This is not like the British system.
  1. Kat - I agree. I think they were concern about engineering and concern.
  1. Justin- Were new additions in CAPS temporary or permanent?
  1. Calvary- They are temporary for finals.
  2. Kat-We can verify that online
  1. Justin - what is the wait time
  1. Kat-If you need help you will be seen. The wait time is 2 weeks at most. The misconception is that there is a wait time-if you need help, you can get it immediately.
  1.  Kanishka- I agree with getting someone on CAPS advisory board. Are we allocating resources effectively? Like is there a desire for more hours. Is the number of clinicians effecting something there.  I agree with Riad in that it's better to mitigate the issue before learning to resolve the issue. Is the moratorium on PAC groups is going anywhere for the next cycle.  
  2. Moratorium
  1. Kat-It is an issue of space right now. We would like a UA liaison on PAC to see what they are doing because many of us are not aware of performing arts. Many are not aware of spaces so Craig mentioned taking a survey of all the spaces available and then we will go from there. I don't know if it can be done in a year, but it's better because Craig is looking into it. We can see if current rooms can be slightly modified
  1. Kanisha- Every group in PAC amends constitution to be more accommodating. A Capella groups don't have space issues
  2. Ian- Is CAPS tracking anything in terms of improvement? If not, could you recommend that they track?
  1. Kat- The UA usually meets with director of CAPS and we haven't met with them yet. As far as metrics I am not sure. There is a mental health task force and we can look into getting a student on there. But there is a confidentiality issue there. The last thing they want is that someone doesn’t come to CAPS because their friend is there. The concern is what should we ask for?
  1. Riad- I am confused about IFC- does the university recognized off-campus space for registered frats and sororities. How is an official organization discussing something that is unofficial?
  1. Kat- We can talk about groups that exist. We just want to advocate for students and if that means getting involved then we will. IFC works to help frats, and if this helps then they talk about it. I can't speak for it. If you want to learn more you can contact them.
  2. Kanishka- Where your house is determines how many people attend events, philanthropy houses. Penn owns all the housing and through that there could be prioritization for registered groups.
  3. Justin- There is a man was brought to destroy off-campus groups from Syracuse. Trying to oust off-campus groups while trying to protect on-campus groups.  
  1. Riad- Are they trying to legitimize off campus groups
  1. Justin- Nope, they want to destroy.
  1. Michelle
  1. To clarify the wait time is between 2-5 days
  1. Sam- We need to recognize difference between off campus recognized, and off campus like Owls. i wouldn’t say destroy but does want to crack down on off-campus unrecognized. Wants to get back off-campus recognized back on campus. And he wants to preven on-campus from going off campus. They can shut down any party any time. They will shut down party if there is an assault. Penn is not out to destroy anyway and only to protect.
  2. Kyle- why not integrate benjamins better with CAPS
  1. They are together but they goal is to provide alternative. Peer is different from professional help. It’s a different service because its professionals

  1. Vice-President’s Report
  1. UA Steering
  1. Sola-I had my first UA steering last tuesday and Kat talked about different funding sources. And suggestions for next year steering. I will be meeting with all steering groups this week.
  1. Past University Council
  1. Sola-Last week was the last UC for they year. 6 committees gave updates and discussed projects for next year.
  1. UC Flex Seat
  1. Sola-UC is a meeting held multiple times every year with administrators. UA President, VP, and Speaker have seats and then we have 3 flex seats which usually go to each of the other colleges. There are 9 seats given to  underrepresented. We met with APSC chairs to address chairs and talked about what we can do in the future to represent them and all schools. Their elections are happening right now so progress will be postponed until then .
  1. Questions
  1. Sam- If you have any topics you want to see presented next year, it would go to Sola, which would then go to UC. If you want to see actual projects or see administrators talk about something, sumit before this year.
  2. Tunmise-I am curious what you guys would be meeting on? Are you planning on adding seats?
  1. Sola- We talked about various solutions and it was productive. However this would have to go through new exec so we can’t really speak for the new exec board
  2. Kat- We can’t do that now, because only the UC itself can add seats for undergraduates and they aren’t meeting until december.  
  1. Tonna- Possible solutions- are you not at the liberty to speak because you said it was productive
  1. Sola-They new NEC exec has to approve everything first
  1. Sam- We put into the bylaws that all the all schools must be represented, but we have to also follow NEC bylaws when it comes to this situation
  1. Sola-We will do our best to follow our bylaws and we can't force them to follow our. We are working on making an working group for a long term solution. However, we need a more active one.
  1. Ian- Sam, is the mid-May deadline a hardline?
  1. Sam- The meetings have to be planned out. There are no hard deadlines so you can still submit.
  2. Kat- the president and vp can put it on the agenda. So if you have anything, you can give it to us.
  1. Tonna- In terms of dual degree, would that be possible
  1. Sola-That was in the talks, but not an option
  1. Tunmise- The resolution about this makes it a little harder. What is the uc supposed to be discussing? I’ll wait until that comes out
  1. UA Report
  1. Cabinet
  1. Travis- You should have gotten the email with directors. Everyone was notified. AI is Naomi, SL is Sam, DSF is Kyle, and SJ is Justin.
  1. New Member Education
  1. Travis- At 7 PM I offered new member education, if you have any questions, please reach out to me.
  1. Welcoming Our New Member
  1. Travis- Andrew Gegios relinquished his seat due to personal concerns, and everything was followed according to the bylaws and we have now appointed Aaron Litchman as the new rep.
  1. Plans Over the Summer
  1. Travis-Summer is a great opportunity to get work done. I will be meeting with the directors who will reach out to you.
  1. Associate Members
  1. Travis-UA speaker is in charge of applications and will start process in the fall
  1. Committee Name Change
  1. Travis-AA is now changed to AI
  1. Questions
  1. Kaylee- Is that after new student elections
  1. Yes that was i was thinking. If you have any suggestions, let me know
  1. Nile- When is the UA retreat
  1. I have been doing research. Most likely late september.
  1. Sam- Are we looking to have new reps going?
  1. We will talk about that in the summer.
  1. Treasurer’s Report
  1. Students for Justice in Palestine Contingency Request
  1. Michelle-The information is in the agenda. Students for Justice came to us last week for money for their speaker Amir Zahr. Whenever a group comes to us for money and we don’t have a GBM, there is an emergency vote by exec and exec voted unanimously to fund them.
  1. Budget and Finance Committee Elections
  1. Michelle-We will be holding it in the fall because of too many things going on right now because new cabinet members. I encourage everyone to run for it.
  1. Questions
  1. Sam-i have question about synergy. Why didn’t they apply
  1. Michelle- I am not sure if they reached out to that but I can ask. It was too late for them to reach out to SAC. We can educate them better
  1. kanishka - how much was the budget?
  1. Michelle- We had 5k allocated. We have 8k left over so now  we have 13k
  1. Secretary’s Report
  1. Penn Labs Meeting
  1. Jay- I am looking to have a meeting before the year ends.
  1. Bios for Website
  1. New members should send me an bio if you wish to have it on the website. Returning members can send me one if they want their bios updated.
  1. Questions
  1. Calvary- The format?
  1. Jay- I will send the format to you
  1. Sam- Did Penn labs leadership change yet?
  1. Jay - I am not sure of that yet.
  1. Stephanie- What photos are you thinking of?
  1. Jay- As of right now there are no pictures, but I will be thinking about that over the summer.         
  1. Executive
  1. Discussion Papers
  1.  Mental Health Policy and Programming Working Group Event
  1. There will be two parts. How can I help mental health working group. How can this be a space and can be fixed. This is the event description: Frustrated by mental health at Penn? Want to take action but unsure how to help? Join Penn Wellness, the DP and the UA at How Can I Help: A Mental Health Public Working Group.We will first discuss mental health at Penn - the nitty gritty of what goes on behind the scenes, why things happen the way they happen, and why things are the way they are. We will then present several ongoing initiatives, projects and policy changes, and we will open the floor for anyone to present new ideas. Lastly, the majority of the meeting will involve you joining one of the ongoing or new initiatives and developing it together with the working group. Bring your laptop, we have a lot to do.” This is a great way for UA to get involved. We haven’t started marketing yet. It will go out tonight. They want to event to have administration. We also want to invite professors about what is specific and help us understand details. Administration from CAPS and similar groups can hear what students are saying and i think this helps differentiates it.
  1. Kanishka- This ties into all branches. I think it's important to address what the students are saying and I think like a formal event like this would be great. It would be great if it can be a school wide event. It would be great if we can get Chaz Howard, because he is the one that makes the call to the families. Penn is very stressful and its important to show that everyone feels this way. There should be forms before so groups and students can submit ideas so we know what is going on before an event like this occurs.  Groups like penn wellness can determine what the student body is feeling so we can come out educated. The trend is really frustrating and everyone talks about it happens and it happens to people least expect.
  1. Kat- As far as funding costs, they are covered by harnwell
  1. Sam- I have a suggestion: Dr Drew Carton management professor and one of the best professors in the field. He is asking students what the best culture should be and how it can be changed. I also agree that we should be a sponsor. I don’t know if i will go but it will valuable to have him. What admins will be there and who from CAPS?
  1. Kat- I know many are not determined but SIS , Karu, CAPS, Psych professor are coming. If you have any
  1. Kyle - we should sponsor this. My professor, Michael Risk- spent hour discussing the importance of mental health before the email came out.
  2. Tonna- Since a lot of people come to the UA, a lot of people think that the UA admin don’t care about students but rather how the school looks. I think they should still be invited and even if one comes, it will show that they care. And it will show that it is not business. Also about the title-I understand the title but if i wasn't on the UA, this could be intimidating to the average student who just wants to talk about the issue. The way it was worded makes it seem as if they are committing themselves to something.
  1. Kat- Event says 45 min is for forum and then the working groups. This is a good opportunity for people not in this room to talk about policy issues. In the past few weeks a lot have talked about it but no one has talked about they next step. Anyone who wants to give feedback should.
  1. Ian- I would love to help it. And it was a good point what next. I think they should be informed what already exists like a list of that. Once we have admins and staff, it will be important to know who will be joining the group. Having someone who is more trained will be beneficial
  2. Justin- If i were grappling with something, this public space would be the last space I would go to. A student's space only would be very good.
  3. Riad- I do agree that we should be a sponsor. Sonia Gwak would be a good person and she talks with a lot with students who have personal issues. We can also reach out other groups for funding. Another way we can follow up with students who came to the event and might have felt intimidated at the event.
  4. Tunmise- we should do it. Bill Alexander is a good person to talk to questions about CAPS. Is this supposed to be a facebook event where is this going?
  1. Kat- Yes FB, DP ad, all school email.
  1. Tunmise- there is no funding attached to this?
  1. Kat-we are not funding anything
  1. Krone- I agree it with everyone. I think we should emphasize that this is about the next step. What actual tangible things are going to happen. Many groups from penn wellness are going to come and so we should have sign up sheets.
  1. Kat-Sign up sheets are a good idea
  2. Krone- “reword” these groups will be available to you and as a springboard.
  1. Tonna- Title does not promote discussion. Have we thought of reaching out to Penn Faces. Tables talks, to get feedback from students to help us?
  1. Kat- I don’t know if the events were meant to be confidential. I am sure the reps can come and speak. Overlapping interests
  1. Kanishka-I don't know how the combination of forum and discussion. I think the discussion could be more valuable aspect bringing things to light. What is specific to Penn and put things in perspective for students? Culture change will be a long process, but what is going on that can have an impact now for students facing stress for students. I also understand that it is pointless to have an event to have an event that is just discussion. Change title to what's going on and frame it as a forum and workshop instead of working group all together. If is moderated by chaplain, it can give more legitimacy. Mention that the underlying causes and how to address them. 2 part
  2. Sam- how much more has to be planned. We don't have speakers. How will this come together.
  1. Kat- They started before fling. Food booked. Venue done.
  1. Riad-Why is the DP planning this? I wonder how open people will feel comfy with dp there. I think they should make it clear off the record
  1. Kat-I know they dont intend to take someone’s personal story. They can be
  1. New Business
  1. Confirmation of Speaker Pro Tempore
  1. Kat-Eric Tepper applied and Travis thinks that he will be involved. He is very qualified as he has been on Exec before. He is very passionate about this. All the applicants were good. I will be voting to confirm him, and i hope you do to
  1. Tonna- he is great
  2. Tunmise- we should all vote
  3. Travis - Eric is new protemp
  1. Academic Initiatives
  2. Dining, Sustainability and Facilities
  3. Social Justice
  1. Project Updates
  1. PVP Student Advisory Board Meeting
  1. Travis- i met with PVP last friday. We talked about different things regarding interpersonal relationships. We talked about It’s on us campaign. We talked about having a PAve workshop. We got a lot of feedback on how to to get more participation with that.
  1. Student Life
  2. Communications