Example of Real estate agent:  As you go through this, try answering for your audience

Subject Matter pillar is really as simple as asking yourself, "What do you have to offer or want to share?"

We break this down into 4 easy questions:

 1. "Who do you meet with?" 

I meet with new home buyers

 2. "What do you say?" 

When shopping for a home, it's a fun an exciting time, though it can be stressful. This is a big purchase, and you are taking on a new responsibility as a homeowner. It's important to remember that there many homes out there, and one or more that you will find fit your needs. Shopping for homes means a lot of looking, making offers, home inspections, and doing financing.  

To make sure that you are best prepared for this purchase, you may want to do a few things in advance. I've included some resources here such as tools, apps, and links to information and videos that can help you begin the process.

There are always some tips from experience I like to share with new home buyers such as, you never should sign a contract with an agent you have not had time to meet with. Signing contracts too early start limits your options. Take at least a day or two to do some background checking, and get some referrals. Once you have an agent that you know will work hard for you, then it's time to move onto credit checking and financing. I've linked to some trusted people here under Links, so feel free to learn who they are, and reach out to them when you are ready.

I'm also here for questions you may have, and there is no contract needed for my advice!

 3. "What information do you leave behind?" 

A credit guide, a link to my website with a home search engine, a pre-approval form, the name of a 3 loan officers

 4. "What information do you follow up with?"

I try to understand their needs and see what their timeline is, so I may follow up with some some home buying classes, partner information, such as home inspectors, closing agents, loan officers, daycare referrals, local town information, discounts from retailers.

I would like to also offer people more tools, and information such as videos they can learn from, articles that are encouraging to buy houses, possible apps that relate to home buying such as moving checklists, school finders, local town information, rent-vs-own calculators, camera tools for finding homes, our own company app.

These answers become the Pack:

Pack Title: First Time Homebuying like a pro

Pack Description:  The words under #2

Pack Video:  You can record your saying a message similar to #2, with a few more details.

Any phone or tablet, or computer camera will do.

To record a video, just start the camera video record function, talk at a normal pace, and talk about what you know. You don't need a script to share what you already say to people. If it helps, pretend a a new client is asking you questions when you first meet them.

To record using a laptop camera, visit www.youtube.com, sign in(make an account if needed, it's free),

then click "Upload" next to the search bar:

You can record right from your computer to Youtube by choosing "Webcam capture" at the right

Use Start Recording, Stop Recording, (and if needed Start Over recording)

Click Upload when satisfied

YouTube has some options for each video.

 * Choose "Unlisted" for Privacy Settings (this must be Unlisted or Public...Not Private). We prefer you choose Unlisted if you are new to YouTube uploads.

 * Choose "People and Blogs" for Category (you can change this if you want)

 * Last Then go to the "Advanced Tab"

   (changes save automatically)

On the Advanced Tab set the options as shown here:

* Allow Comments: "Approved" (this will keep your video safe from random comments)

* Uncheck Others can vote on comments (it's not helpful in any way)

* Caption Certification: "This content has never aired on television in the U.S." (since you just recorded it, it has not aired on TV)

* Allow Embedding must be checked

* Notify Subscribers can be checked or unchecked. (We prefer checked)

Choose Save Changes when done

and set these as the ratings