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Payment Methods for Tuition and Medical Insurance
to Trinity Western University

Use one of the following methods to pay your TUITION and MEDICAL INSURANCE

to Trinity Western University.



Pay Online via FlyWire:

FlyWire’s mission is to save money for international students and their families that would otherwise be lost on bank fees and unfavorable foreign exchange rates.

  1. In order to pay your TWU tuition via FlyWire, you’ll need to have your TWU Student Account set up. Please see the New Student Information packet sent to you with your registration confirmation, or go to, section 1.b.
  2. You’ll also need to have your TWU Student Email address set up. You can do this via your TWU Student Portal. Go to, scroll down a tiny bit, and select the large blue “Email” button in the centre.
  3. Great! You’ve got those set up. Now, go to
  4. Enter Trinity Western University as the institution you’d like to pay. Enter the amount to pay in CAD, and the country you are paying from. FlyWire will calculate what that amount will be in your local currency, and will list it as the “cost.” The first option (Domestic Bank Transfer) has no additional fees, and the others charge a processing fee.
  5. Fill in your details: Provide some basic information about yourself, including your status at TWU and your student ID number.
  6. Send your funds to Flywire via your chosen method.
  7. You can receive email updates or track  your payment online.
  8. Email your confirmation/reference number, payment amount, and Student ID to 

CANADIAN STUDENTS (or students with a Canadian bank account)

You may pay online, by cheque, debit or credit card as follows:

Online Payment Instructions:

  1. Go to your bank’s website and make Trinity Western University the payee
  2. Enter your 6-digit Student ID as your Account #.  

If you have a 5-digit ID#, then simply add a “0” at the front of the number.

  1. Pay the appropriate amount
  2. Email your confirmation/reference number, payment amount, and Student ID to 


Cheque Payment Instructions:

  1. Make cheque payable to Trinity Western University
  2. Include your student ID (#__________) on the memo line of the cheque
  3. Mail to:             

TWU Extension

7600 Glover Rd.

Langley BC V2Y 1Y1

  1. Email your cheque number, payment amount, and Student ID to 

Credit Card Payment instructions – via Plastiq:

  1. Go to and type in Trinity Western University under “Who do you want to pay?”
  2. Enter your name, student ID and the course you are paying for
  3. Enter your payment amount and credit card details
  4. Email your confirmation number, payment amount, and Student ID to 
  5. Plastiq accepts all CDN and US credit cards, EXCEPT for TD and RBC credit cards
  6. Please note that Plastiq charges you a transaction fee of 2.5%.