Always reboot after installing the overlays or updating the theme!

Swift Light v3.5

• WhatsApp 2.18.217 support

• Google Dialer v21 support. You have to update to this version to theme it!

• Updated theme template to the latest version provided by the Substratum team

Swift Light v3.4

• Bumped WhatsApp support to 2.18.191 - even though the overlay already worked perfectly with this version just by reapplying the theme on it, we linked more icons and elements to our green accent coming from the original teal.

• Google Contacts 2.8.4 support - you need to update to this version to theme the app now. As Google hardcoded the toolbar icons to white, we had to revamp the overlay making the actionbars consistent with the white elements.

• Google Keep - as per request, the overlay themes the condensed widget header too. Also, we fixed the icon having a white background.

Swift Light v3.3

• Updated theme for Google Messages 3.2. You will need to use this version to theme it correctly.

• Made Google Sheets be themed on any system language, not just english. Some strings may be untranslated, which is linked to this workaround we have to use.

• A lot of polishes for the WhatsApp overlay. The Status view time text is back to white. All stock greens\teals will now correctly follow our custom green accent. Checkmarks too! Actionbar icon colors are consistent with the actionbar primary text now.
• For Android 8.1: Quick Tiles foreground elements (icons and texts) may have had some very small inconsistency in their colors - some solid black, some with a slight alpha black. Now they will all be solid black and fully consistent!

Swift Light v3.2

• Updated theme for Google Translate 5.19
• Updated theme for Google Contacts 2.7
• Bumped theme support for WhatsApp 2.18.142, you can safely update to this version and reinstall the overlay

Swift Light v3.1

• Split Nougat and Oreo, so there’s less confusion in the options, and a lot less clutter.
• Samsung Nougat support is now widened from S8 only to all Samsung Nougat devices with Samsung Experience 8.1 ROMs.
• Samsung Oreo support added. We plan to link more samsung apps to the system wide accent in the future.
• Theme for WhatsApp: removed version requirement, but stable version is what’s always needed! 2.18.122 is the last tested one and the one that is expected to work with the overlay.


• We’re still investigating the SystemUI overlay causing weather to disappear from lockscreen in some Nougat ROMs (like RR).

• More apps will be added with time - lately the release of new Android versions, maintenance of the other themes (which are more prone to break than this one, that’s why you may see less updates here: overlays just are happening to break less here on Swift Light, and that is pretty damn nice actually!) as well as busy lives, have been taking away most of our free time. We do want to thank each of you for the patience with the updates, and we encourage you to please send us app suggestions so that we can know where to focus our time so that we can deliver better, and what you users would want to see next in this theme!


1. Important notices

2 General informations

3. Common troubleshooting and FAQs

4. Support


1.1 STOCK ROM USERS: The theme will NOT work on the default Operating System (OS) ZTE, Xiaomi, and possibly other manufacturers! You need a device\ROM which fully supports the substratum theme engine to correctly apply this theme.

On some other manufacturer’s default ROMs, as long as substratum works correctly in legacy mode - which needs you to be rooted, the theme might work on third party apps (WhatsApp, Instagram, Hangouts, etc) but not on system apps (Android System, System UI, Settings, etc).

Please do NOT report issues if you are using a default ROM from a manufacturer. The only fully supported default ROMs are the one shipped on Nexus and Pixel devices.

For Samsung users: the theme will work if you get the specific addon, which is of course needed for you to get the substratum theme engine to work on your device.

If you bought the theme but you can’t use it and want a refund, send a mail to writing us your GPA order number, so we can submit the refund request to Google Play.


1.2 TO NEXUS & PIXEL USERS: If you have issues applying the theme, like if it takes a very long time installing the overlays, or applying the overlays has no effect, a common fix is to re-flash the vendor.img in fastboot. If the issue persist try the following: clear cache and data of the substratum app before uninstalling it, reboot, and then install the substratum app again. Apply the theme when this is completed.


1.3 ERRORS WHEN APPLYING OR UPDATING: If you have unspecific error logs when updating the theme, follow these steps:

- Clear substratum’s app cache and data

- Uninstall the substratum app and the theme

- Reboot your device

- After booting up reinstall both substratum and the theme

- Set up substratum again: give storage and root permissions, and select “Hide outdated themes (6.0.0+)” on the snackbar pop-up

- Apply the theme again, making sure to select the correct Android variant for your device/ROM

If it's still not fixed please contact us on the support email or on Telegram for personal assistance, or consider asking for help in the substratum community. You can read more on this matter on FAQs #1 and #2.

Any issue related to installation or updating the theme is a substratum app legacy issue, and not a theme issue, so we would appreciate if you don't tell us about it in the review system but instead reach out to us personally.


1.4 APP ISSUES: If an app stops working as it should after you update it from the Play Store, please re-apply the overlay and reboot. If it persists, check out FAQs #3 and #4.

If an app works bad after an update: we can’t magically support future updates of apps. If it works, that’s great! But sometimes updates will break things in the overlay - keep on reading if that’s the matter.


1.5 BETA OR OLD APPS: Beta versions of apps are generally NOT supported. If they work, it’s good, but please do NOT report issues if you are on beta versions or old stables. The only thing it brings on the plate is a waste of time. Thanks in advance for this one.

If you encounter an issue on an app’s latest stable version that won’t get fixed by reapplying, it very probably means we have to update our overlay. In such cases, detailed reports are always very welcome. Always include the app version number and the steps to reproduce the issue, or a description, or the error log, according to the problem; we will then work to fix it, if it’s fixable, as soon as possible.



Power menus, accents in system apps for legacy ROMs: since we can’t apply an overlay to the Android System Framework safely on legacy ROMs, it is not possible to have a true legacy wide system accent, but we managed to include spinners for having an accent working in all that is within the Settings package and for all that is in the SystemUI one. Both need to be picked when applying the theme, if you wish to do so.

ActionBar titles: Some apps hardcode their own style for them, so not all can be ported to the same exact style, sadly!

Apps updates: Any app being updated might break our overlay for it if we have one. Always try fully uninstalling the overlay for that app and then building and enabling it again before reporting. You can read more on the matter in the answer for question #3 and #4.




Q1: Help, I get this error when trying to apply the theme: “ERROR: resource directory ‘/data/user/0/projekt.substratum/cache/SubstratumBuilder/res/’ does not exist”.

A: Make sure you are selecting the Android variant from the drop down menu that is there at the top when you open the theme up in substratum - and make always sure to select the correct one for your device! You always have to select the variant, even if you’re only reapplying a single app.

If you are confused as to what variant to choose, please read down in question #7.


Q2: Help, everytime I try to compile an overlay this thing pops up for every app I select: “APK could not be signed.” or “Unfortunately, there was an exception trying to create a new APK” or any “Exception” or “ENONENT Exception” logs.

A: Those errors are due to the substratum compiler not working correctly. Try going into Settings>Apps>substratum, and there clearing both data and cache, then reboot your device. After it boots up again, open back substratum and go through the starting wizard again, making sure to grant all correct permissions to the app, and then trying again.

Double check if root permission is given and granted to substratum if you are on legacy mode (non-OMS).  

Make sure to be using the latest substratum version available at the time.

If the issue persists, there might be something wrong with your ROM if you dirty flashed it, or something odd with your substratum installation, so I recommend asking for help in the substratum development Google+ community or in the substratum XDA thread.


Q3: Help, this app is not responding\it’s force closing! I just updated it\it just got updated from the Play Store.

A: Go in substratum, open up the theme, select the app that is giving troubles and hit “Build & enable”. This fixes most issues with the apps if the overlay compiles fine.

If you still have a start-up crash, go into “Overlay List” of substratum, select the app that is giving troubles and hit “Uninstall selected”. Then, go back to the theme in substratum, hit the overflow menu on the top-right corner and tap “Clean theme cache”, and “OK”. After you’ve done this, you can get back in the theme, select the Android variant and check the app that was crashing, then hit “Build & enable”.

If the overlay did not compile fine though, which means it gave out an error log, there’s something else going on. If you are on an old version of the app, or on a beta\alpha\developer preview version of it, it is very probable: we always support latest stable versions of apps available from the Google Play Store, because this is what the majority of our users are on.

If you are indeed on the latest version of the app and have an error log output when attempting to compile, that is NOT one of the common errors you can read in the previous points here, please reach to us via mail or Telegram and let us know about the issue you are having, sharing both the error log AND the app version in which you encountered the issue. We will then work to fix it as soon as we can.


Q4: But why do I have to reapply the app overlay if it is crashing? Makes no sense to me.

A: When an overlay gets compiled, substratum checks if every resource defined in the overlay is also present in the installed apk of the app on your device, and then, if and only if everything is fine, the overlay gets correctly compiled and enabled. When an app gets updated from the Play Store, the resources on the overlay MAY get stuck. (and this is why sometimes an app crashes, some other times it doesn't). So, what might happen now is that the resources can't be correctly retrieved from the overlay, and then the app force closes because it is missing those said resources (typically a layout or a style). If we go and reapply the overlay, we will make substratum recompile it and double-check again for every reference. It can then happen that:

- Everything is fine and the app works again now. This is common for updates that do not change many things visually, or just they do not interfer with the elements that we theme.

- Something in the resources of the new apk has changed too drastically, or a refenced item - or the reference itself - is now missing from the new apk, and this can result in a failure to apply the overlay, and a specific error log output. In this case you can pick the error log and send it to our mail, or in the Telegram group, always telling us about what Swift theme version and what app version number you’ve encountered the compling error.

- Another, but less common, situation is that the app compiles fine, but then there is a repeatable crash that we can always reproduce under known circumstances. In this case there is no error log, but the app update is the culprit: something has changed but this change is not triggering an error log. Usually this is due to missing chunk codes that were added in an update. You can then mail us or come in the Telegram group and tell us about this issue, always specifying what Swift theme version and what app version number you’re having the crash, and the exact steps to reproduce the issue.


Q5: I have just applied the theme but WhatsApp is not themed / it popped out an error log regarding WhatsApp?

A: We have dedicated variants for the latest WhatsApp stable versions around, that you should select if and only if you are running the same app version. If you do not select a variant the theme will not be applied to the app.

Please do NOT report issues when using the variants on different stable versions or, worse, beta versions, which are NOT supported!

If there is a new stable update in your Play Store and the theme does not include a variant yet, because it has to be updated, please be patient. You may try to apply the latest option available, and if it works that is okay of course! If it errors or crashes you are also very welcome to send us a bug report trying to include as much details as possible to reproduce the issue on our end, which is needed for us to fix it.

Q6: My battery QS tile looks wrong after applying the theme! The statusbar one too, it definitely could be more readable!

A: The world of battery QS tiles in custom Nougat ROMs is a very wild and perilous one, on which each custom ROM and even stock Nexus\Pixel firmwares ship with a different implementation of it. What we’ve done so far was to include a selectable spinner on the SystemUI on which you have to pick your ROM. Though, if your ROM is not there, you can either leave the selection unpicked, or try one of the other ROMs that share a similar base to the one you’re using. Once you confirm that the battery is working, you can write us about it and we can add a dedicated variant with the ROM name. Thanks in advance for this one!

You may notice the status bar battery changing its color too. This was necessary for the QS one to work somewhat fine, and it indeed limited the color choice by a lot. We think that we came up with the best compromise possible to support the most ROMs - we could have left some out and get a better result, but our philosophy is to support as many ROMs and devices as possible! We hope that you agree and understand with that one and, if one day there can be a better way to solve the battery matter, if maybe all OMS ROMs would unify their approach on the QS battery tile, we will be of course be there and bring it closer to perfection.

PS. Battery will be completely fine on Oreo ROMs so far.


Q7: Hi, I’m liking the theme but I really want a yellow - red - orange - green - indigo - peach - salmon - brown - kumquats - whatever accent.

A: More accents will be added in future updates. We search for unique colors which balance well with the whole feel of the theme. Suggestions are welcome and everything will be considered with pros and cons before being, possibly, added in the theme. 


The best way to get support is to join the Swift Themes Telegram group here. If you want to report an error log, if it’s not one of the error logs you can read about in the previous section, it’s good if you use a copy-paste service like PasteBin and then paste the obtainable link in the chat instead of the whole log. This applies particularly to very long logs that might get split in more message bubbles, become harder to read and fill the whole chat-screen and more with it - so keep it tidy please!

If the error log is related to one single app, make sure to include what version of the app you are using, what ROM does it happen on and what Android variant of the theme you are applying. This way, we or other users can quickly understand what is going on and help you better!