Mozilla is Recruiting for 20 Open Source Student Leaders

The nomination form is now open

[DEADLINE EXTENDED] This form will now close at midnight (EST) on Friday, May 12th.

Mozilla is looking for 20 diverse and entrepreneurial student leaders who are passionate about the open source movement on their campus who would be interested in working with Mozilla over the next 9 months to guide and shape the US launch of a wildly impactful student open source program in September 2017. 

Mozilla is creating an Open Source Student Club program dedicated to creating and supporting a network of clubs on university and colleges around the world who are learning about and contributing to open source projects and open web technologies.

While there are currently more than 180 active Clubs, primarily in asia, we are now ready to launch in the US, where our focus will be on empowering and connecting existing open source clubs by providing training, content and connection opportunities.

Note: while the primary focus of this launch will be the USA we will also be inviting Canadian universities and students to participate.  


This is ultimately a 9 month commitment starting over the summer break, and ramping up to a year of creating and running a super impactful student club.  

Students must be interested in starting or continuing to grow an existing open source club, on their campus, during the 2017-2018 school year and should have a track record of dedicating a large amount of extracurricular time to projects that inspire them.

We know that growing a great open source club is a huge commitment, with some students dedicating 10s of hours a week. So we've designed what we think will be a low time cost, high return engagement with our team to help these top student leaders succeed.

All times below are above and beyond what these student leaders will dedicate directly to their club activities.

Between May 1st-September 1st students must be able to dedicate at least 3-5 hours a week to:

Additionally students must be able to attend a weekend workshop (tentative date August 11-13th) that will bring students, professors, and open source experts together for an exciting weekend of learning, building, and creation.  (All expenses will be covered by Mozilla).

Between September 1st - May 1st students must be able to dedicate 2-3 hours a month to connecting with Mozilla and their fellow leaders, above and beyond building their clubs.

Who We’re Looking For:

A range of students from diverse backgrounds, genders, ethnicities and regions.


We will be accepting 1 or 2 leaders per University/College, students may be nominated as individuals or in pairs.  

If you are nominating a pair students they may include sophomore (2nd year) or senior (4th year) students.

For Students: Why Participate?

The opportunity to…

Lead and develop an international program with the potential to reach and change the lives of thousands of students around the world.

Lead an open source movement that is fighting to maintain a web that is free, open, and accessible to all.

Work closely, and develop relationships with amazing staff at Mozilla who will provide mentorship, guidance and support throughout the process. (Not to mention excellent references.)

Meet other amazing student leaders, academics, and professionals from around the country who share your passion for open source and learn with, and from, each other.

The nomination form is now open:

 [DEADLINE EXTENDED] This form will now close at midnight (EST) on Friday, May 12th.