Blur Faces iOS extension

Link to the ios shortcut:


Blur faces is an ios shortcut allowing protestors to choose a specific photo they wish to share on and blurs out all the faces within the picture. The bonus is that it makes a copy of the photo that has zero-metadata attached to the said photo (no location, time, etc.) This can be used to protect those people out there protesting with the Black Lives Matter movement. There are tons of articles describing super convoluted ways of blurring images and getting rid of the metadata. This shortcut does it all.

Link to the original post:

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If you get an error ["Blur Faces" can't be opened] while trying to open the link, you need to change your setting to allow third party shortcut access.

To do so go to [Settings > Shortcuts > Toggle Allow Untrusted Shortcuts] then click on "Allow" in the popup window, enter your password and voila, you can now install the shortcut using the link above. (If you haven't run any shortcut with your phone before, you won't be able to toggle the option. You'll need to first run a random shortcut to get access access to the Allow Untrusted Shortcuts toggle)

Once you click on the link, a page will open in your shortcut app on your phone. You'll need to scroll down and click [Add Untrusted Shortcut] to add it to your phone.


Run the shortcut by clicking on the tile in your shortcut app.

You'll need to authorize the shortcut to send data to an URL the first time you run it. This url is used to detect faces in the image and return the coordinate of these faces to your device.

Now you can run the shortcut:

  • From the shortcut app:
  • From your widget panel:

  • Directly as an action on a specific pic in the photo app menu: