HTB partnership: LSYH has been the first supporting member of HTB and this cooperation has been flourishing ever since. As part of this cooperation LSYH provides office rooms and other facilities for HTB at its site in Budapest.

Name of the company: Lufthansa Systems Hungária Kft.
Mother company: 100% subsidiary of Lufthansa Systems
Founded: 1995
Location: Budapest, Infopark, building E


Lufthansa Systems provides consulting and IT services for selected industries and has a leading position in the global aviation industry. The comprehensive portfolio of Lufthansa Systems covers the entire range of IT services. It includes consulting, development, implementation as well as operation of customized industry solutions.

Lufthansa Systems Hungária Kft. was established in Budapest as Lufthansa Systems’ first subsidiary located abroad. Its main business areas are application development and testing services for airline and other industries.

The application development and testing division of our company is the “cradle” of many products and services of Lufthansa Systems. Since the foundation of our company, we have had the opportunity to get deeply acquainted with the business processes of airlines. We have established a high level of technological skills and significant professional experience in the area of application development and support. Our applications support a wide range of airline processes, starting from revenue management through pricing, crew management and operations control up to providing services on the ground. When we implement IT solutions for air transport, we always focus on developing highly reliable systems with high availability. We provide comprehensive solutions for our clients: assessment of the demands, system design, development and user training, handing over the systems ready for operation, and continuous support. We provide professional test services for our application development teams. Our test services follow standards that are defined by the International Software Testing Qualifications Board. They cover the entire lifecycle of software development. In each case, the driving force behind our developments is the intention to increase the efficiency of our clients: to reduce the costs, to improve the quality of service, and to exploit human resources more efficiently. Our colleagues collaborate with other companies of the Lufthansa Systems group in international projects. During their work, they have the opportunity to gain an insight on the IT background of the air transport industry, and each day they may acquire special knowledge in this special area.



TCC vision/mission
Within the development of Airline IT Products and customized IT Solutions, the Test Competence Center (TCC) in Budapest contributes to the success of Lufthansa Systems by ensuring the fulfillment of the expected Customer requirements. TCC offers testing services based on ISTQB methodology delivered by certified test professionals with deep airline knowledge.

TCC - More than a decade of testing competence
The Lufthansa Systems Test Competence Center (TCC) earned its reputation as one of the most qualified testing service providers in the airline IT industry by following through on standards of excellence established over 10 years ago. In order to provide excellent testing services, we have to understand the business processes as well and have to be aware of priorities. We support our partners with full life cycle test management. From passenger services through weight and balance, to airline management – we provide all the services to lower software development risks, meet deadlines and stay within budget.
In the perspective of a tester colleague it can be very motivating to realize the outcome and effect of our work, e.g. to experience a quicker check-in, more advantageous flight plan etc.
Our airlines customers already experienced how innovative testing approaches and components can make processes smoother and more profitable. And deliver many other benefits.

Full-scale testing services:

> ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) methodology

> ISTQB-certified testers at foundation and advanced levels

> Automation expertise for testing tool support

> Quality-driven and customer-oriented approach

> Full lifecycle testing

> Extensive TDD (test-driven development) experience

> Effective quality management established

> PCI DSS compliant (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) - meet the security standards of the credit card industry

Figures about TCC:
Year of foundation: 2002
# testers: 50+
# testing projects: 16

CTFL: 40



- continuous development of personal competences and knowledge

- team spirit, community atmosphere

- open, human workplace

- work-life balance

- recreation opportunities: sport association, health care, etc.

- attractive compensation package (cafeteria, performance bonus and company benefits - e.g. discounted Lufthansa flight tickets)


Lufthansa Systems Hungária Kft.

1117 Budapest, Neumann János u. 1/E (Infopark, Building E)
Phone: +36 (1) 882-4900
Fax: +36 (1) 882-4977

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