The dark night sky lit up by all the fascinating fireworks,

Fireworks soaring high up like a rocket and sparkle like glitter,

As colourful as a rainbow and as bright as the sun,

Fireworks flashing and flying high into the midnight sky.

Bang, pop, sizzle go the fireworks as they blast off into the air,

Little kids scream and screech as the beautiful colours make a loud explosion,

Fizz, sizzle, whizz and fizzle go the sparklers as people do drawings in the air and the pictures slowly disappear,

Ka-Boom, the fireworks explode in the air leaving a beautiful pattern in the sky.

Roman Candles shooting high into the dark sky, up, up, up then BOOM, magnificent sparkles come raining down then suddenly disappear,

Fontains go sizzle, sizzle, sizzle, then shoot up (but not very high) and rain with glitter like flames,

Comets explode with a big bang and fly off in different directions,

Colorful fireworks scream as they rise into the air.

By Paige - 2016