Why did Malcom prepare for war and Donalbain didnt.

        Malcom was supposed to be king- so that gives him more insentive to give back- Malcom went to England,

Do you think Macbeth would still become king if Lady Macbeth didnt convince him to?

        -I think he would have but it wouldve taken longer, he eventually wouldve become king.

        -He would have waited and not killed Duncan.

        -What about Malcom-

        -He was against it at ifrst, but Lady called him a coward and coerced him to do it. It wasnt a huge desire. If he was meant to do it, then it wouldve happened.

        -Lady Macbeth acted as his concience-

        -Your conscience tells you what is good for you-

        -She didnt force him to do it, but she pressured him by calling him a women- its his wife too- his closest relatioship. So her opinion has

        -Paige said he was rethinking doing stuff to become king- that happened before lady macbeth said anything. When he was told about Malcom, he does say that it is his deep and dark desire- he knew he couldnt do it on his own, so he wrote to Lady to get her involved.

        -I feel like she didnt force him- he felt like he didnt want to be a coward.


Could the witches predict the future or did they know all along what was going to happen

        I think they knew from the begining but they waited to strike on macbeth when they knew he was going to act on it-

        They knew lady macbeth would be involved

        Now that i think about it- i dont think they knew it all along. THey had to wait for him to become thane of cawdor to say he would become king- they had to wait for macduff to be heading toward england-

        I think they knew all along- because in the beginning, they said all hail macbeth, they knew that he would be king-

        I think that the wtiches told macbeth that he was gonig to be king because they knew

The witches were testing him. But they wanted to see what he would do to become king now.

Why do you think that lady macbeth went crazy instead of macbeth

-because she was the one who planned it

I think they both went crazy, but they showed it differently. He was violent and paranoid, but she was distraught.

She took her own life, and macbeth wanted to keep going- he kept striving for more and more power and he went crazy thinking everyone was against him- paranoia is different from going so crazy-

I think htey both went crazy in the same way- but when macbeth say banquos ghost in front of everyone, it was releasing the guilt, almost saying that he killed banquo- and with lady macbeth, she keeps all the guilt inside her- until she sleepwalks. She was overwhelmed and broke. Macbeth knew that other people knw he did this stuff- he wasnt afraid of people finding out- it was more just guilt- but with her she wanted to seem completely innocent.

Macbeth was used to killing- lady macbeth didnt kill anyone but she was a part of it- it hit her more than

When she came out she said he looked like her father- she felt like she was killing her father-

Why is his killing in the beginning valiant when the other killing was seen as evil?

In the beginining he was killing the enemy vs killing macduffs family to get what he wanted- two wrongs dont make a right- he just did wrong. He killed all those people for his own personal benefit- instead of killing people in the interest of his country-

When we are at war, you have to make sacrifices and killing is kind of what you do- he was following orders0

There is only one thing that is common with every person macbeth killed- if you look at it from his perspective- he killed his own enemies. Every person he killed was a threat.

Why dont we feel sorry for him?

        -his enemies are different from the enemies of scotland.

-the way that shakespeare portrayed the characters- duncan was good, macduff had a nice family- but if you made them mean and nasty- then it wouldnt have had the same impact- or the same message. Because he killed

- he knew the people, they were his friends, they were not strangers or cannon fotter like the people he killed as a warrior- its the worst kind of betrayal to kill your friends and family- they trusted you- that is where the wrongness comes in.

He was killing all of his enemies but the other people he killed were good - but its not scotlands enemies- its our enemies as the readers of the play- we think that macbeth killing macduffs family is a bad thing, obviously, ebcause in our eyes, macduffs family hasnt done anything wrong to macbeth. Neither did banquo. In our eyes it was wrong. Even though he is killing his enemies, we as readers disagree about those being his enemies

-the people who killed banquo were ordered to- why is that wrong? But it is okay to follow orders in war?

The way shakespeare writes it makes it seem like a good cause in the war.

Is Duncan bad because he orders deaths in war? Just the same way KIng Macbeth orders banquo and macduff’s murders?

Duncan was a good man but he did order murders- there is no point in war-

What is the point of war? Why do we do that?

Shakespeare frames our understanding of who is good and bad and that shapes our understanding of who is morally good or bad.

Why is power so intriguing to macbeth- why would he want to be powerful?

Do you sympathize with our protagonist?

He did horrible things- he took his friends lives- i cannot get on board with that.

I dont feel sympathy for him, but i think he wouldnt have done it wuthout lady macbeth- she was the push he needed to become what he was. He was probably already unstable, but it took that one straw to break him.

Why does Macbeth’s outlook on Duncan’s murder change so drastically throughout the play?

-i think that going back to paige’s thing- they went crazy. At first, he was like what did i just do? But then, he was fine with it- he went crazy, felt so guilty, that he had to let go of caring.

-once he was king- he didnt feel guilt.

-as he killed more people to get secure as king, he cared less and less about duncan. He had new problems.

What was the point in showing young siward’s death.

To show how far macbeth had fallen- it was just a kid. It also shows how he doesnt care anymore about who he kills- it shows how evil he has become.

To make another reason for people to not like him and want him dead. So it wouldnt make macduff seem bad too.

Why did Macbeth believe the prophecy?

-when he was called the thane of cawdor for Ross- his desire to become king was bigger than he thought-

Do you think you wouldve done things differently or do you see where he is coming from-

-i would rather have friends and family over power-

How much does he enjoy that power once he has it-

Its not worth the chase or wanting power - it isnt worth what we have to do to get it.

Do we only get power from doing bad things?

No- Macbeth got to be thane of cawdor by being good

At what?

At… killing. oh.

Once she was queen, lady macbeth didnt want what she had- she made him do it, so she feels guilty.

He wanted it bad enough- so he is responsible.

Who is respoinsible? The witches? Lady? Him?

 But all of these people just gave him reasons to- but he can control himself-