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A new leadership cohort for

re-planting city centre churches

*In Collaboration

“In Collaboration” means that in a unique way, Trinity Centre Montreal is connecting with another organization who has expressed an interest in this subject and would like to both contribute to and receive from any learning that we gather along the way.    By showing a wide range of denominational and academic collaborators, we underline the great need to work together on this huge issue.    

“In Collaboration” does not mean any doctrinal, theological, financial, media, public, heavenly, earthly or other agreement with the teaching, participants, other collaborators or supporters of this pilot project.    

All Collaborators will receive regular updates from our team and we ask principally that you help us tell the story that this cohort is being formed.   Should you wish to be involved in any specific way (or avoid any specific type of collaboration) please let us know as soon as possible.    

Collaborator Representatives are asked to be sure that the above terms of collaboration meet their own organizational requirements and to clearly communicate any change in that situation, as soon as possible.    

More information

Collaborators Information Sheet - For onward distribution by permission only -  March 2017