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Fort Bragg Lodge
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Fort Bragg Lodge #3


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UFKB&S Fort Bragg Lodge No. 3
P. O. Box 753

Fort Bragg, CA 95437

Special Projects & Events: 

  • Fort Bragg Finnish History and Finnish Immigrant Habitation

President Name: Dennis Tuomala


Fort Bragg, CA

History of the Lodge:

Fort Bragg was one of the UFKB&S’ very first lodges. Initially, there were two groups and even a commune or two but all assembled together for Lodge #3. Many members & descendants of members have since moved away from this area to larger cities to find work when the fishing industry slowed and when the I-5 highway was built, taking travelers inland rather than down the beautiful California Coast. Many people still visit this area, however, to see the Giant Redwood trees and spend time in slower seaside towns, such as this, along the Mendocino Coast.

Additional Notes:

A self-proclaimed “collector,” Dennis Tuomala has maintained all Finnish records, books, photos, stamps, insignias, etc., in what appears to be a small museum in his garage. He has many stories to tell about Ft. Bragg’s Sointula Utopia, his father’s 1904 Sulo Band, the four Finnish Hotels and a library of books from those hotels in Finnish dating back the 1820s. Both Finlandia University and the University of Minnesota have both expressed interest in archiving Dennis’ Fort Bragg Finnish History, however, he would prefer to keep it available to people local to California, where the history was lived. He was hoping to archive his materials at UC Berkeley, but is in need of a contact so he can learn how to go about preserving that.

Like many of us who were not born in Finland, it wasn’t until Dennis’ visit back to Finland that he became interested in his Finnish Heritage and wanted to join the lodge. Who knew that two years later, he would become President and then the lodge would sell their building to the local Lions Club and then resume meetings at local member houses. He welcomes visitors and is happy to discuss the stories of Finns to Fort Bragg, what brought them here, and what fueled their intentions.

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