Email:                 ryan.kaye@icloud.com                                                

Website:         https://www.ryankaye.me

LinkedIn:         uk.linkedin.com/in/ryankayedeveloper


Programming/Scripting: Object-oriented MVC programming in PHP (incl CodeIgniter framework),  Ruby (Ruby on Rails) and Java; html5; CSS3; Sass, responsive web development (incl Foundation framework with Sass, Gulp etc); JavaScript / Ajax (jQuery, Angular); XML; json; SQL (relational database theory); UML; basic Unix scripting & admin. Currently trying to learn functional programming.

Applications: Experience with wide variety of desktop and web-based programs including Coda, TextMate, Eclipse, xCode, mySQL, Apache, Git (GitHub, GitLab), Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, After Effects, Pixelmator. Content Management Systems such as, Joomla, Wordpress, TerminalFour SiteManager. Apple Mac OS X. Familiar with Microsoft Windows and Office.


Feb 17 -  Present: Digital Transformation Project, University of Stirling, Stirling, FK9 4LA

Web Developer (Technical Lead). Acted as technical lead on the largest redevelopment of the University website (www.stir.ac.uk)  to date. This included planning all development tasks and coordinating the tasks of a Front End and Back End developer to deliver new digital assets for use by content officers on the TerminalFour Content Management System. The project was a clean build with no legacy assets included and was developed from the ground up on a new install of the CMS. Most of the TerminalFour assets were built by myself whilst also overseeing the production of CSS and JavaScript code by the Back End and Front End developers. The website has now successfully launched and is  fully responsive and optimised for use on a variety of modern devices such as mobile phones. It includes a number of cutting edge technologies such as personalisation and animation of graphics which I was involved in planning and development. As technical lead I was also instrumental in creation of a new development processes which implements technologies such as GIT for cde version control and SASS for building more optimised code. This should ensure going forward that the website performs better and is more maintainable in the coming years.

Feb 11 - Jan 17: Central Web and Digital Media Team, University of Stirling, Stirling, FK9 4LA

Web Developer. During my first two years I was part of the team responsible for the successful delivery of a major redevelopment of the University website (www.stir.ac.uk) as a key marketing resource, ensuring brand values are reflected in the creation of content. Developed a number of backend technologies and frontend assets (e.g. content layouts, navigation objects) that integrate with the University’s new content management system TerminalFour SiteManager. Migrated and redeveloped over 5000 pages to be fully responsive using the Foundation web framework. Played a key role in the design of the new website template as well as in its eventual creation. Also designed and developed a large number of microsites for the University such as stir.ac.uk/life-at-stirling. Thereafter was part of the team responsible for maintaining the website(s).

Mar 04 - Feb 11: Institute of Aquaculture, University of Stirling, Stirling, FK9 4LA

Web Application Developer. Main developer in the building of a number of bespoke, web-based, database systems for the Institute primarily using php/mysql backend technologies accessed via a html/ajax powered frontend. For example, Gyrodactylus Risk Mapping System used GIS technology to create a real time disease spread mapping tool for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs on behalf of the Institute. SentinelFarms was a simple to use farm management and benchmarking tool built for the UK trout farming industry. whatfishru is a fun online quiz survey application that captures user's answers in relation to fish eating knowledge and habits for statistical analysis within the Institute. In addition, I constructed a number of extranet and project management web applications for use by staff within the Institute. I also designed and administered a number of websites including aqua.stir.ac.uk, undertaking all coding and graphic design work on these projects.

Jul 03 - Mar 04: Freelance

Web Developer. Built CMS powered websites for a number of organisations including tradeconnections.org, obanfairtrade.org.uk, steadingcottage.com, delivino.co.uk, wildside.scot, tracss.org, mediterranearestaurant.co.uk. I carried out all coding and graphic design work on these projects.

Jun 03 - Jul 03: Speakeasy Productions Ltd, Wildwood House, Stanley, Perth, PH1 4PX

DfES Digital Archive Database Project Pilot Study. Freelance research and data entry work for the Department for Education and Skills. Provided valuable first hand experience of how databases are constructed and operate in the professional environment.

Feb 02 - Mar 03: Speakeasy Productions Ltd, Wildwood House, Stanley, Perth, PH1 4PX

Production Assistant/Researcher. Provided the opportunity to develop essential multimedia skills, particularly from scanning and cleaning images (in Adobe Photoshop) for use in a variety of different media – video, web, print. Experience of live web broadcasts – Celtic FC matches.



Sep 2003 - Sep 2004: MSc in Information Technology with Distinction (Stirling University)

Study Topics/Grades: O-O Programming (A); Foundations of IT (A); Database Principles & Application (A); HTML/Interface Design & the World Wide Web (A); Networking, Technologies for E-commerce (A); Multimedia Design & Construction (A); UML & Object Oriented Software Design (A); Decision Support Systems (B).

Masters Project: ‘Student Tracking System’ for a department at Stirling University. Bespoke Java (Swing, JDBC) front-end to a server side mySQL relational database (A)

1994 - 1998: MA with Honours Class 2.1 (Glasgow University)

Subjects: History; Film & TV Studies. Subsidiary Subjects: Scottish History; History of Art; Modern History

Additional Information: Gained exemption and merit certificate at Ordinary Level Scottish History.    


Visual arts and design such as photography and cinema. Music. Travel. Tennis. Hanging with friends and family.