Quiz Step 1: Adding and Organizing Questions in the Question Bank Moodle ISU


The Moodle ISU Question bank contains all of the questions in the course and provides ways to organize those questions using categories. This document will provide instructions on how to add questions to the question bank as well as how to organize questions in categories.  

When creating a quiz in Moodle ISU, the first step in the recommended process is to add your questions in the Question bank.

See these guides for more information about quizzes:

This guide will help you to:

Access the Question Bank

  1. In the Settings Gear Menu, Click More.

  1. In the Course administration tab, Find the Question Bank Category.

course admin.jpg 

  1. Select from the list:
  1. Questions to see the questions page.
  2. Categories to see the categories page.
  3. Import to import questions from a variety of formats.
  4. Export to export to a variety of formats.

Question Bank.jpg

Organize the Question Bank

Categories and subcategories are very powerful when combined with random questions that can be selected either from one category or any of its subcategories. Using categories, you can create a quiz with questions chosen randomly from the questions available in the category.

Adding a Category

  1. In the Settings Gear Menu, Click More.
  2. In the Course Admin. Tab, Locate Question Bank, Select Categories.


Note: You will see a list of the current categories.

  1. Scroll down to Add category section.

add a categ.jpg

  1. In the Parent category select the category or sub-category where your new category will be placed.

add category.jpg

Note: Choosing Top means that this category will not be contained in any other category.

  1. In the Name text box, Type the name of your new category.

name of category.jpg

  1. In the Category info text box, Add an optional description.
  2. Click Add category.

add category finish.jpg

Note:  Your new question category will appear in the list of current categories.

Delete Categories

  1. In the Settings Gear Menu, Click More.
  2. In the Course Admin. Tab, Locate Question Bank, Select Categories.
  1. Click the Trash Can Icon next to the category you want to delete.


Note:  In order to delete the category, you must first go into the category and individually move or delete each question. If you try to delete a category containing questions, you will be asked to specify a different category for the questions. You cannot delete or move the last category; there must always be one category in a context.

the category exam 5 contains 75.jpg

Move Categories

You can arrange the categories in a hierarchy so that they are easier to manage.

  1. Use the arrow icons to move categories up or down a level. The right and left arrow icons will move the categories in and out of categories and sub-categories.
  1. Use the right arrow icon to move a category to be a subcategory of the category listed immediately above it.
  2. Use the left arrow icon to move a category up one category level.

cat sub cat sub sub cat.jpg

Note: If you are not sure what action an icon will perform, place the cursor over the icon and a message will appear explaining the icon’s function.  

For more information, see Question Categories

Add Questions to the Question Bank

Adding questions to the Question bank makes it easier to create quizzes. Instead of having to add  questions every time you create a quiz, you can just pull from the Question bank.

There are a couple of ways to add questions to the Question bank.  

For more information, see:

  1. In the Settings Gear Menu, Click More.
  2. In the Course Admin. Tab, Locate Question Bank, Select Questions.


  1. Select a category.
  2. Click Create a new question.

create a new quesiton.jpg

  1. Select the type of question you would like to create.

Note: For detailed descriptions and step-by-step instructions for creating questions, see Quiz: Question Types

  1. Click Add.

add a question.jpg

Move Questions

Moving questions in the Question bank will help you keep the bank organized and helps you to place questions in the correct categories if it was misplaced.

There are two different ways you can move questions within the Question bank.

  1. Navigate the Question bank.
  2. Locate the question(s) you would like to move.
  3. To the right of the question(s), Check the box to select it.

check box quesiton.jpg

  1. When you have the question(s) selected, Scroll to the bottom of the page.
  2. In the With selected section, from the dropdown menu, Select the category in which the chosen question(s) will be placed.
  3. Click Move to >>.

  1. You will be taken to the category you selected.

To move questions within the question settings:

  1. In the Administration block, Click Question bank.
  2. From the Select a category dropdown menu, Select the category housing the question you wish to move.

  1. Locate the question.
  2. To the right of the question, Click the gear icon.

  1. At the top of the page, Uncheck the box for Use this category.

  1. From the Save in category dropdown menu, Select the category to which the question will be saved.

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the page.
  2. Click Save changes.

Delete Questions

There are two ways to delete questions from the Question bank.

  1. Locate the question you wish to delete.
  2. Click the Trashcan icon to the right of the question.

  1. You will be asked if you are sure you want to delete the question.
  2. Click Continue if you are sure. Otherwise, Click Cancel.

Note: If the question is not currently included in a quiz, the question will be permanently deleted. If the question is currently included in a quiz, it will still exist in that quiz. To permanently remove a question, it will first need to be deleted from the quiz.


  1. Select the question by checking the box to the left of the question. If you would like to delete multiple questions, you can select all desired boxes.

  1. At the bottom of the page, Click Delete.  

For more information, see Question Bank

For additional assistance, contact the ITRC - (208) 282-5880 or email itrc@isu.edu

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