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Scanning Meeting Saturday 3rd August 2013


The Community Centre, St. Alban’s Road, St. Anne's-on-the-Sea, Lancashire. FY8 1XD


10 am to 4pm

Free light refreshments available tea,coffee , biscuits etc

International Center Against Abuse of Covert Technologies

European Coalition against Covert Harassment (EUCACH)


St Anne's

The Town House pub :

The Meeting Place

If you come by car...   there’s plenty of free parking – the YMCA and a small public car park, right next to us!

If you come by train... St. Anne’s railway station is just a ten minute walk away.

If you come by bus...   number “11”  stop right outside the door.

number “7” stop in st annes square (ten minute walk away)



The Community Centre, St. Alban’s Road, St. Anne's-on-the-Sea, Lancashire. FY8 1XD

(just to the left of the YMCA... as you can see in the photo, above)

Blackpool transport



If you are wanting to go to Blackpool North station is better unless you want near Pleasure Beach “South Shore area”

to go to St Annes on sea station need to get the South train at Preston

(the last Blackpool South Train leaves preston around  6 pm)


Video of things to do in Blackpool :

St Annes

    Hello, St Annes! :


St anne is very nice and tranquil compared to the more wacky Blackpool but unfortunately in the height of season has a price to reflect this.There is plenty of accommodation in St Annes and also in  nearby Blackpool (probably cheaper and far more availability)

list of accommodation in St Annes recommended by tourist information

visit St Annes

visit Blackpool link

there is far more places to stay not on the above lists to suit all tastes and budgets


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Link to a previous meeting held last year in April 2012

London Meeting, Radio Frequency Scan, Targeted Individuals Europe

Organiser/helper : Deck (Deca)

Organiser & approved ICAACT scanner : Diane

to be confirmed

ICAACT & EUCACH representative : Melanie Vritschan

other representatives


to be arranged

Import information about scanning

All scanning is free of charge but we have limited number of people we can scan around 30 on the day  so you must send us a request to :

Wear light colour clothes or at least not black, (it's easier to see end of antenna on camera )

please bring ID with you.

ICAACT's radio frequency scanning

General information

We hope to have an informative scanning meeting , possible with a few speakers doing presentation on related   subjects and also representatives from  various groups and organisations that are within the TI community and have a general chat with one another about our issues/experience  etc.

also after the meeting we intend going out for a group evening meal in the local area.

so it will be worth going to even if you been scanned before or not  particularly interested in that aspect , its always worth while meeting other victims and being able to talk to people that understand in person .So why not make a short break of it and get a few days by the seaside ? The idea is for people not in the nearby  area is  to travel down on the friday book into a bed & breakfast (fri & sat night )  etc meet us for the scanning on saturday , join us afterwards for a group evening meal etc  , then travel back on the sunday.



Please be respectful of the place and others peoples beliefs/opinions , any disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated at the meeting