November 2013

The Flying News - Douglass Elementary

Local News

september  12th. ms.avery married mr.robinson. since then they had  been a happy married couple. It was the first day of happiness in her life.

we wish your marriage the best.Ms.Avery just married Mr.Robinson. Did you know that the wedding happened on Saturday, sep. 12, 2013. Q

Science Corner

Hello everybody I am going to talk about  science today! I am going to show you a cool experiment today here are your ingredients : First you will need a 2 ltr. bottle  ,and fill it with warm about half way ,and keep the lid off.Next you will need an ice cube on the bottle on the opening and then observe what will happen,And if you want to you can pour warm water on the ice cube . And I took it outside and sat it out in the sun  to see and you can make another  one to put it in the shade and observe both of them!and there is your cool experiment!

by:vonna goins

Sporting Section



Fishing For Fun

On our saturday we went fishing. We shot a bow and arrow to a dart board. We saw ms.winslow and ms.romine there they said they had fun and saw some incredible fishing skills. There was people from other schools. We had an excellent time fishing. Pamela caught 1 medium fish. we caught about 6 fish.

we hope you go fishing and catch some fish .

by:clarissa and pamela

All ABout Mrs. Wade

All about Mrs. Wade.  She  loves to help and  she has been here for  2  years.  She  has 1 daughter, she is 7. She  has been married for 7 years.  She  picked  the  job  because she  loves to  help.  Her favorite color is  purple.  She  loves  to study  and watch  movies  and  she likes to sleep.  She  went  online to become a teacher.  She has 2 bedroom  and  1  garden.

The San Francisco 49ers vs the Carolina Panthers on Sunday November 10, 2013 at 1:00 pm on channel fox.

In my class we are organizing are library  where every  book is in its place and their in  the  right spot. so  are  class doesn't  have to find the  right place for every  book so it  will be easy to find books like chapter books.


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