Directions - Complete 2 rows or 2 columns to achieve double bingo for 50 CC Points or Complete the entire board for 100 CC Points. 







What is the real reason Mr. Radley plugs up the hole in the tree?

According to Mr. Avery, who was to blame for the harsh winter?




Why is Scout puzzled by Miss Maudie?

How has Scout’s attitude about schooling changed?

How do the children thank the gift –giver?


What are two themes in chapters 7 & 8?

Why was Jem upset about the condition of his pants?





Why would Jem be crying about the tree being cemented up?

Why does Scout think the world is ending?

Why is Scout terrified of snow?


What is symbolic about the fire?



What are the gifts that the children find in the tree?



Free Space



What grade is Scout

in now?

What is the Rosetta Stone?





How did Miss Maudie feel about her house burning down?

Why are there no black children at the school Scout and Jem attended?


Do you believe that Mrs. Radley died of natural causes? Why or why not?



What do the children make outside?

How did Jem find his pants in Chapter 7?


What is the significance of the quote: “ . . .climb into Jem’s skin and walk around in it” (Chapter 7)?

Why does Atticus recommend the blanket is kept a secret?

Why did Atticus suggest that the children “disguise” their creation?



Who put a blanket around Scout?

What does Eula May do?

Bridging Our Understanding & Taking a Deeper Look


Directions – In small groups, address the following questions and respond to them in your notebooks.

Close Reading - How Does the Text Work: Vocabulary, Structure, & Craft

1. The beginning of Chapter 7 Scout refers back to what Atticus told her about “climbing into another man’s skin and walk around in it.” This is the second time Atticus’ maxim is repeated in the story -- it’s something to note and notice (repetition). What does this metaphor do for us as the reader? What does this metaphor help the reader to understand?


2. Chapter 7 is a series of vignettes about mysteries Jem and Scout find: The sewn up pants, the gifts in the knot hole, the soap sculptures of the children. What is the author doing here? What is the mood among the children in the beginning of this chapter versus the end? How do we know?



Closer Reading - What Does the Text Mean: Author’s Purpose

3. The author includes details that the guide our emotional responses. What emotions do you believe the author intended us (the readers) to experience in Chapters 7 & 8 and why?



Emotional Responses

Textual Evidence


Chapter 7







Chapter 8







4. How is Scout continuing to grow and change throughout the text? How would you describe her at this moment in time/the text?


Synthesis - Opinion with Evidence or Argument

5.  There are two major events that impact the novel in Chapters 7 & 8. The snows and the fire. What do these two represent? What are the symbolic meanings of each?