WoW Character Classes


Forged with Jeff Reynolds and Kristen Ashton


They defeated Onyxia.

        They defeated Illidan.

        They don’t think Wolverine is a mutant.

        They are the WoW player characters.

        All across the land of Azeroth adventure Heroes that love grinding and farming almost as much as the raid finder. While each has a different story, a different experience and different faction all share the world and the events that transpire within.

Kristen: Undead Outlaw Rogue

Name: Captain Shanks-a-lot

Jeff: Vengeance Demon Hunter  (Human)

Name: Vacan

Jeff’s Choices



Trait- “Soul Fragments”

Vengeance, hatred and the blood of the demon is what fuels the demon hunters. is no different as you can tell from his backstory. This trait Soul Fragments allows the demon hunter to rip fragments from the enemy and have the represented by floating purple clouds on the battlefield. These fragments are created every time the demon hunter lands his "Q" ability on an enemy. The trait can then be activated to call all of the soul fragments back to the demon hunter and return them as health.

Mount-  Armored Fel bat or Wings

Q- “Soul Carver”

This is a line charge that will auto charge a selected enemy. The demon hunter does a flip and engages an enemy. Upon reaching the enemy they do a powerful attack that does damage and carves 2 soul fragments from the enemy.

W- “Brand”

This ability brands the target and causes them to do reduced damage to the demon hunter. The branded character also takes ticking damage over time.

E- “Demon Spikes”

The demon hunter calls upon the powers of the fel and spikes shoot up from beneath the skin on their back. These spikes harden the player skin and they take reduced damage for the duration of the ability. Also players that hit the demon hunter with Melee attacks will take a small amount of damage.

Heroic 1- “Metamorphosis” (Passive)

If this heroic is taken and the demon hunter is killed on the battlefield they will immediately transform into a larger demon form with half health- this form also has all the benignity of demon spikes but does not stack with the demon spikes ability.

Heroic 2- “Sigils”

Sigils are painted symbols that are thought to have magical powers. The demon hunters have the power of 3 Sigils that they can choose to place on the battlefield if this heroic is taken. The signals are placed on the ground and after their initial placement the pulse for 2 seconds and all enemy heroes in the area are affected by its effects.

1: Sigil of Flame: Damage dealing
2: Sigil of Silence: silencing
3: Sigil of Fear: AoE fear of the area

Specialty Skin

        Lan Party Vacan


Dougie The Dougie (dʌɡiː/ du-gee) is a hip-hop dance generally performed by moving one's body in a shimmy style and passing a hand through or near the hair on one's own head.

Kristen’s Choices


        Captain Shanks-a-lot




Combo Points

With each Saber Slash, generate one combo point. These can then be spent to enhance other abilities. This can be turned on or off to determine whether the points are used by the abilities.



                Walks around invisibly. Once broken, does not return to stealth until she remounts.


Saber Slash

Shanks deals a damaging blow that hurts the enemy in such a way that she in empowered by it, earning her one combo point.


Run Through

Though this can be used without combo points to deal extra damage to an enemy target, it becomes more potent with points. Instead of single target damage, it sends out an explosion of damage with the majority of the pain put on the main target. The more combo points available, the more damage done.


Pistol Shot

A ranged shot, this fires a bullet that does damage. With combo points, the target is now marked and takes more damage from external sources for a brief period of time.


The Dreadblades

Activating the legendary weapons, one hit of the saber slash now fills the combo points to full. These can then be used and immediately replenished.



Rogues love to pull. Though they believe themselves to be masters of stealth, many a wipe can be blamed on getting just a bit too close. When activated, the rogue immediately pulls all threat to her from nearby enemies in a sort of taunt in that they must attack her. This also happens to enemies that were out of range but are now put in range due to her pathing. If she moves away, they must follow, until either she dies or the ability effect ends.



Dressed in all black and sneaky as they come, her pistol shots are now throwing stars and her blades are sai.


        Undead Dance

Wavy arms and hands.