Dear Friends,

Can I introduce you to the Neighbour 2 Neighbour program.


Neighbour 2 Neighbour is about teams from the Churches of Townsville going into homes that need a bit of help.

Just basic stuff like cleaning the bathroom, tiding the yard, mowing the lawn, vacuuming the carpets, or sitting and having a chat over a cuppa.

The Townsville City Council, through their community support data base, has connected us to the homes that need this sort of help. Most are elderly and are deeply moved that the Church would come and help them. 


We need your help on Sat 15th June to meet this need.

Register as a Volunteer to be part of a team now.

It won’t take much.

1. Fill in the details on the website

2. You can chose which team you want to be part of or we will assign you to a team (with a team leader) taking into account your preferences, age, location and equipment.

3. Turn up at one of the Registration Centres at 8am on Sat 15th June for a Safety briefing, last minute instruction and team introductions.

4. Head off with your team for 2-3hr of work/home.


Go on-line and volunteer now  



Matthew Bolte

N2N co-ordinator

or The Combined Churches of Townsville

M; 0437 559047