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Cell Phone Resources

From Toys to Tools and Cell Phones in Learning written by Liz Kolb


What Can you Learn from a Cell Phone? By Mark Prensky

Teaching Generation Text
written by Lisa Nielsen and Willyn Webb

Cell Phones in Learning – Blogtalkradio with Liz Kolb and Jeff Stanzler

Liz Kolb’s Blogtalkradio show

Lisa Nielsen’s blog - The Innovative Educator


Teaching Generation Text Facebook Group


Teaching Generation Text Google Site


Liz Kolb’s blog - Cell Phones in Learning


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Know your district’s AUP and guidelines using cell phones in the classroom

  • Use guidelines in both Liz Kolb’s “Cell Phones in the Classroom” or
    Willyn Webb and Lisa Nielsen’s book, “
    Teaching Generation Text” to help guide you to affect policy changes.
  • Both books mentioned above can be purchased from Amazon and other major book sellers.

Curated by Kim Caise, NBCT, M. Ed. - “Cell Phones as Instructional Tools”

TCEA 2013 Presentation
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