First, from TestGen...

  1. Create your test on TestGen.
  2. Save the test.
  3. Click “File”, then “Export”.
  4. Select “Blackboard 6.x-9.x”.
  5. Enter a name in the window that pops up that you would like to be the category name for these questions on iLearn.
  6. Export.

*This will create a .zip file. Remember where this ZIP file is.

Next, from iLearn…

  1. Go to your course home page.
  2. Under “Administration”, select “Question bank”.
  3. After the page loads, select “Import” from the sidebar under “Question bank.”
  4. Select “Blackboard” under “File format”.
  5. Click the “Choose file” button.
  6. Find the .zip file (do NOT attempt to upload the .tst file) and select it.
  7. Hit the “Upload file” button.
  8. Click “Import”.