Getting every Digitama on one Digimon Pendulum Ver.20th

The procedures outlined below should be done as carefully as possible. I will not be held responsible if something goes wrong, nor will anyone else involved with discovering this information. Proceed at your own risk.

To follow this guide you will want to be comfortable with opening small devices and connecting circuits. If this thought scares you, do not proceed. Bandai will not replace your device if you break something, and parts aren’t easy to come by, so BE CAREFUL. If you’ve never opened a Pen20 before, watch this video first.

The image above displays the connections on a Silver Blue device. They are labeled JP1, JP2, JP3 and JP4. JP1 will not be used for getting eggs, ignore it for now. You will notice that JP2 is filled in, and JP3 is not. This is what makes this device a Silver Blue. When JP2 is not filled in, Odd eggs are used (NSp, NSo, Mem, etc...), and when JP2 is filled in, Even eggs are used (DSa, WGu, VBu, etc…). When JP3 is not filled in, the device is a Wave 1, and when it is filled in, it is a Wave 2. The only difference between Wave 1 and Wave 2 is whether getting 35 Digimon in your album unlocks Terriermon/Lopmon or Zubamon/Dracomon.

Switching versions by itself does NOT unlock any eggs. Eggs are still unlocked for fulfilling requirements on each version. If you only have 3 eggs on a Silver Black and you turn it into a Silver Blue, you will only get the three default Silver Blue eggs in addition to your current 3 eggs. It’s a good idea to unlock all eggs before you start!

The key to this whole guide is connecting the two silver bits in a section together, and removing connections when necessary. I am not going to tell you how to fill the connections on your device, but I will tell you what people have used:

  • Solder
  • Foil with electrical tape
  • Foil wedged expertly into the device
  • Copper wires with electrical tape
  • A pencil (mechanical, non rounded seems to work best)

If you have a have a soldering iron with appropriate material for use on circuit boards, use it. If not, get one, they are relatively cheap. The temporary solutions should be seen as temporary, not permanent. They may loosen or wear over time AND MAY DAMAGE YOUR DEVICE!!! After unlocking every egg, you may want to consider removing them or replacing them with solder do get your preferred final version. As long as you keep your save file and have every egg already, your final version won’t matter.

I’m not going to tell you how to remove existing connections, that is terrifying and if you don’t already know how, you probably shouldn’t do it without a bit of external research.

This guide begins with a Silver Black device. If you want to use a different device, the same general instructions can be followed, just start from the appropriate step and loop back to step 5 after finishing step 35. Silver Black does not have any JP connections filled, which is why it is easiest to start with. If you use another version, you will need to remove an existing connection at some point during this guide. Default Version IDs are as follows:

Silver Black - 2A00

Silver Blue - 2B00

Dukemon - 2B10

Beelzebumon - 2A10

  3. YOU MAY ACCIDENTALLY WIPE YOUR SAVE DATA IF YOU ARE NOT CAREFUL, DO AT YOUR OWN RISK. Getting all eggs is only possible if your save data is preserved the whole way through these steps.
  4. To avoid opening and reassembling more than necessary, it is recommended that you unlock all normally available eggs before beginning.
  5. Start with Silver Black, make sure at least one of your Digimon slots is an Egg or Computer
  6. Reset, remove battery
  7. Open your device and locate the four JP connections, found just below the screen
  8. Fill in JP3 with your preferred method.  Purple rectangle indicates what needs to be connected.
  9. Reassemble (screws are not necessary if you hold the device tightly enough, but be careful to not let the battery fall out, as this can cause loss of save data)
  10. Insert battery
  11. Hold A and B simultaneously, press Reset
  12. Version ID should be 2A10. If not, check your connection and try again.
  14. Load, set time
  15. If you had 35 in your album before starting, you should have unlocked the Zuba egg, view available eggs to verify (but do not hatch)
  16. Reset, remove battery
  17. Open device
  18. Fill in JP2 with your preferred method.  Purple rectangle indicates what needs to be connected.
  19. Reassemble
  20. Insert battery
  21. Hold A and B simultaneously, press Reset
  22. Version ID should be 2B10.
  23. Reset
  24. Load, set time
  25. If you had 35 in your album before starting, you should have unlocked the DSa, WGu, VBu, VBu20 and Draco eggs; view available eggs to verify.
  26. Reset, remove battery
  27. Open device
  28. Remove connection for JP3.  Purple rectangle indicates what needs to be connected.
  29. Reassemble
  30. Insert battery
  31. Hold A and B simultaneously, press Reset
  32. Version ID should be 2B00.
  33. Reset
  34. Load, set time
  35. If you had 35 in your album before starting, you should have unlocked the Lop egg, view available eggs to verify.
  36. Clear both Single and Tag battles to get the remaining two eggs
  38. If you are fine with having Japanese names, stop here. If you want English names, continue. Note that not all Digimon have an English name, and will instead just have a placeholder name.
  39. Reset, remove battery
  40. Open device
  41. Fill in JP4 with your preferred method, Purple rectangle what needs to be connected.
  42. Reassemble
  43. Insert battery
  44. Hold A and B simultaneously, press Reset
  45. Version ID should end in a 1.
  46. Reset
  47. Load, set time
  48. Check your Digimon’s status to verify name is in English
  49. Spread the word!

Debug Mode

This is where JP1 comes in. JP1 determines whether or not your device is in Debug Mode. You can verify this on the version screen by seeing if you have a big DEBUG banner on it. If so, you get the following 2 abilities.

  • Fast Forward: Activated by pressing B and C while raising digimon with nothing selected. You will fast forward until the next event, such as pooping, calls or evolution.
  • Digimon Selection: DELETES ALL SAVE DATA: Activated by pressing A, B, C and Reset. A moves forward, B moves backwards, C confirms selection. You will pick two Digimon to raise, and two copymon. Once chosen, you raise them as normal.


Harun Al Rasyid for enlightening everyone about the JP connections

BetamonZ and arararin from the DDC, for getting their hands dirty and testing like every possible combination

@nazirulnoor and @Eyymaann of Uthara Tamers, as well as Pidot Redmist, Izar Omar, Syahrul Mezan, and Abdul Azzim for discovering how debug mode works.

Me, humulos, because I wrote these words you are reading, YEAH!