Fall Semester Test Instructions for Traditional Classes & PLA Classes Finished

The following is the schedule we will follow: (NOTE: There will be no planned “make-up” day.)

Monday, 12-19-16                                                                Tuesday, 12-20-16

1st period     8:00-9:25      (85 minutes)                             2nd period  8:00-9:25     (85 minutes)    

3rd period      9:35-11:00   (85 minutes)                            4th  period  9:35-11:00   (85 minutes)  

LUNCH          11:00-12:00 (60 minutes)                             LUNCH      11:00-12:00 (60  minutes)

5th period      12:05-1:30   (85 minutes)                             6th period  12:05-1:30   (85 minutes)

7th period      1:40-3:05     (85 minutes)                             8th period  1:40-3:05      (85 minutes)

(NOTE: You will notice that I have put a 10 minute break between the periods testing. This will allow students enough time to go to the bathroom w/o asking to leave your class during testing periods. Also, they will have one hour to eat and go to the bathroom during the lunch period.)

Rules regarding testing: (There will be no text exemptions for the first semester.)

I.    No early tests for students who are going to be gone on testing dates.

II.   Students are not allowed to check out during a testing pd, even if they finish their test early.

III. Students who are in the following classes- Athletics, Band, Cheerleading, Choir, Student Council,    

      Teachers Aides, & Work-Based Learning- will not be required to be on campus during the period

      these scheduled classes would typically be testing. (Exceptions: If the teacher of any of these

      classes requires the student to be here.)

Special Notes Under This Category-

(a.) On any day that we are giving semester exams, students are not required to arrive to

       school until the first exam that they are required to take, but must be on time upon arrival.

      (b.) There are two ways a student can possibly leave campus in between exams-

             1.) If a student does not have a required exam between two semester exams that he/she is

                  required to take that day, he/she may leave campus during that semester exam time IF 

                  he/she has an assigned parking spot on our campus and a signed parent permission  

                  note is turned in; however, any student leaving must return on time for any exam that

                  he/she is required to take later that day (i.e., if one is required to take an exam 2nd 

                  period, not 4th period, but must take one 6th  period.)

            2.) A parent/guardian is permitted to personally (no phone calls will be accepted) check you

                 out as long as you check back in on time for the semester exam that you are required to take. 

                 (NOTE: For those students who do not meet the criteria of either (a.) or (b.) above,

                 they can go to class anyway or go to the library to study, read, play cards, get on the

                 computer,etc. You will not be allowed to go anywhere else.) 

     (c.) If a student does not have a required exam to take after the last exam he/she takes that

           day, the student may leave and not return as long as a permission note from that student’s

           parent/guardian has been turned in to the office stating that he/she can leave early that day. 

IV.  PLA students: If you are not finished with all course work in all PLA classes,  you are to continue

      working on your assignments during PLA time and will take semester exams when you finish.

IV. Make-up Day (Wednesday, 12-21-16).

      You need to make every effort to take the exams when scheduled; however, IF an emergency

      causes you to have an excused absence, you may make up missed exams on Wednesday. You can

      come to the classrooms where you need to test between the hours of 8:00-10:00 or 1:00. If you are

      required to make up more than one test, go to the next one as soon as you are finished with first.