Rules for Twitter

How to use

My argument for Twitter:

Twitter is your best PLN (Personal Learning Network) I use it to connect with educators outside of my school so I can glean new ideas.  I also have an entourage of people for when I have a question or need help.  I put out on twitter when I need a lesson plan or idea and someone almost always is willing to share what they made, why recreate the wheel when it is already out there.  When I do a Google search I do not know which resources are the best and I do not want to waste my time reading or searching through things I do not need.  With Twitter if I find resources I know they are good and worth my time. If I ask for suggestions they are from people I trust who will save me time and give me new ideas.

The genius of twitter is you can only have 140 characters, so you have to be clever. But also it is quick and easy to scroll through 500 tweets really quick to find a few things that will make you better.

Steps for signing up for Twitter

Go to

Click on Sign up for Twitter

Suggestion not to use your Fresno State email address since long term you will want your twitter account and you won’t have your Fresno State email forever.

Choose your twitter handle carefully, this is your alter ego. Choose a twitter handle for professional use.  If you already have a twitter handle consider making a new one for strictly professional purposes.

Remember that your twitter handle counts against your 140 characters you can have in a tweet so KEEP IT SHORT!

You’re on a public computer uncheck to keep you signed in on this computer.

Once you get a twitter handle you’ll be taken through a set up wizard.

The set up makes you follow 5 people and then 5 more people.
Here is a list of EdTech people you can follow

        Try clicking on the hyperlink next to each persons name to tweet at them.

Type in their twitter handle and click on follow.  Here are some people you can try following.

When asked to add a photo do not skip this, it is an important step!

Do command spacebar and type in photo booth

Take your picture

Drag your picture to the desktop

Upload it to Twitter

Do not skip making a profile bio description.  You need to give people a reason to follow you.  Try “I am wanting to be a teacher, exploring how Twitter can help me to be a better teacher”

Find more people to follow, click on the twitter handle or picture of someone you follow and click on who they follow.

Click on “Following” not “Followers” anyone can follow you, click on “Following” to see who that person thinks is worth following. You can follow their followers.

You also want to reply to peoples tweets, get into the conversation and add value!

Notice by default when you click reply that it starts the tweet with @twitterhandle
suggestion to put something in front of the @ to keep the conversation public if you feel your response is worth a wider audience.

        Good: @kcalderw that is a great idea, thanks for sharing

Good: Google hangouts are great for bringing in guest speakers. Thank you for having me.  @kcalderw

If someone says something that you think is worth repeating to your followers, click on retweet.  That person will be notified that you retweeted them

Click on connect at the top lets you see who is tweeting to you, this is helpful for if you miss a tweet where someone mentions you.

Chad Kafka ‏@chadkafka

Cute/non-threatening TWITTER FOR TEACHERS guidebook. Thanks to @jgbluedevil for sharing.  #TechCoach #EduCoach#WIedu


Note: Make sure you have a SECURE password for Twitter. Do not use the same password for Twitter that you use for any other account. I would recommend that your email password be unique also. Never use the same password you use for your email with any other product. Many websites that require a sign in will allow you to sign in with your Facebook, Twitter or Google account. It is wise to make sure those 3 passwords are 3 unique passwords.

It is not uncommon for someone’s Twitter account to be hacked. You can usually tell if an account has been hacked because the person may be sending out a large volume of tweets, not pertaining to education, that are all identical and are asking followers to click on a particular link.

Very likely a hacked account will send a DM (Direct Message) in Twitter. The tweets look something along the lines of

“Someone is saying something funny about you on Twitter”

“I saw this and thought of you”
“You really should check this out”

“Here is what people are saying about you”

Almost always these tweets will have a link they are trying to get you to click on. DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK.

By Alice Keeler