Partnership Program rules

I General provisions


1. This rule describes how to use Partnership Program of website.

2. The organizer of Partnership Program is FANTI.PL Tomasz Łucka based in Tomaszów Mazowiecki, 12/22A/25 Ogrodowa street, 97-200 Tomaszów Mazowiecki, Poland hereinafter referred to as the Administrator.

3. Partnership Program aims to promote website by placing our banner or link on your own web page approved by the Administrator.

4. Participation in Partnership Program is free and voluntary.

5. By taking part in Partnership Program you accept all terms and conditions.

II Participants of Partnership Program


1. Participant of the Program can be any registered customer of website that has a paid presentation.

2. Program Participant is obliged to place only one size banner on the home pages of his private website. The right HTML code with link is placed in the edit panel in the Partnership Program tab.

3. The Participant is obliged to provide correct data in his edit panel. If it is found that the data given by Participants are not real, the Administrator has the right to remove a Participant's account with the pooled funds.

4. If the Participant changes his data, he will be obliged to update them in the edit panel or call or e-mail Customer Service Office.

III How to accumulate funds in Partnership Program?


1. The Participant receives additional funds to the account for the correct placement of banner on their main web page. The sum of funds depends on the chosen form of banner. Placing the banner on more than one web page does not affect the amount of top ups.

2. The first top-up occurs after 30 days from the date of placing banner. Another charge is awarded each month.

3. The funds accumulated in the Partnership Program are recorded on the Participant's account in the edit panel in 'Account' tab.

4. Collected funds can be used on selected services of website.

5. The value of funds in the account is contractual in nature and it is impossible to withdraw them from the account.

6. Removing banner from your web page causes the lack of granted funds for the current 30 day period.

7. banner can be placed at several web pages whose addresses are given in the accommodation data at Banner must be placed on the home page.

8. The administrator has the right to block the banner and not award additional funds if the banner was inserted incorrectly.

9. Administrator reserves the right to block the banner for the other cases without giving reasons.

10. Banners available in the Partnership Program can not be placed on web pages that contain content that violates applicable law or morality. The Participant, who place a banner on pages with content that violates applicable law or morality may be precluded from further participation in the Partnership Program, and all funds collected by the Participant may be canceled.

11. Any actions designed to destabilize banner system are prohibited. The Participant whose actions could destabilize the system of the Program may be excluded from the possibility of further participation in Partnership Program.

IV Complaints


1. Complaints about the counting are dealt with by Customer Service Office after pointing specific services, dates and activities by the Participant for which funds should be or have been wrongly charged.

2. Participant of Partnership Program is obliged to place only one size banner on the home page of his private web page. HTML code with links is placed in the edit panel in Partnership Program tab.

V Final provisions

1. The administrator has the right to terminate Partnership Program at any time and inform the Participants about this fact for 30 days before the end of the Program.

2. has the right to exclude the Participant from Partnership Program if there is a condition indicating the Participant's actions conflict with the provisions of the rules, applicable laws or morality.

3. Failure to observe the rules and conditions of the agreement shall be punished by deactivating your account.

4. The Participant may terminate the cooperation in Partnership Program by sending to the Administrator a written request to cancel his account.

5. Cancellation of participation in Partnership Program and Participant's obligations in the future does not block the possibility of resumption of cooperation.

6. The administrator has the right to change the rules of Partnership Program.

7. Administrator reserves the right to make changes in Partnership Program rules, but he is obliged to notify Participants electronically.